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Winter Fell

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The Story of Winter Fell
Come now child and listen well,
To the story of Winter Fell,
Where many warriors came to fight,
Yet most lost their life,

To protect their kingdom, from the darkness of night,
The chose to take on the dragon's might,
To earn the princess as a bride,
And to earn the kingdom's pride,

Many lords and knights tried and failed,
to kill the dragon of the Fell,

Yet it was peasant son
Who went to face the dark one,
He took a sword and a shield and wished his parents well,
For he knew that if one faces the dragon of Fell,
that he might his life as well,
Though before he left his home,
his mother gave him a magic spell,

That would protect him from the dragon's flame
So the peasant took the path to the dragon lair,
the wind flowing through his blond hair,
when he entered the dragon's home,
filled with burnt flesh and bone,

He took heart and step inside,
to face the dragon and win his bride,
Then comes the dragon breathing his flame,

He cares not what the boy is named
His jaws looking for human flesh
But the peasant was luckier than the rest

His mother charm is what saves his hide
for when the jaws of the dragon opened wide,
they were stopped from piercing his side,
by the magic spell which kept him alive,

this caused the dragon to be confused,
for he did not see the peasant bruised,

This came the peasant time to strike the monster hide,
the sword struck home through the dragon's bone,
right to the dragon's heart,

When that happened the dragon tore apart,
Then what was left was a crystal heart,
which the peasant took it and gave it to the king,
who then put it in the ring of his bride to be,

the peasant with glee in his heart,
took the princess with open arms,
lived with joyous glee in the castle for all to see,
so that my sweet children be,
the story of Winter Fell, and how our kingdom came to be.

© 2019 Levy Fai

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