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Winter: A Prolonged Season

Holding on amidst of everything happening on our world today. The pandemic and its realities.


We’re running the same streets, one day

Of March, it was the start of the another

Decade, supposed to be the start of

Spring; long cold months were

About to end; yet one morning,

It was the colds and cough

That made another season of

winter, not the other way around.

Too long, that no one experienced

Summer solstice nor fall, even

The greens of spring.

All homes became prisons,

There were well – lit

And warm, but mostly picked

Some twigs from snow

And manage to make a fire.

But there were chilling to death,

Lost even the twigs around their

Homes. That’s when homes

No longer a home.

No one was exempted from

Becoming a prisoner,

Some were prisoners of

Irresponsibility and greed of

Humankind, they’re panting

for making others breathe.

Lots were imprisoned by hunger,

and incompetence and still,

by magic and rabbit hat tricks.

When cure was attracted by gold

Bars, and those with pennies, were

Sitting on the cold blood stained

Floors of the facilities, waiting for

A little mercy.

Whilst, some want to go out

Of their homes, there were

Desperately want to go home.

While, some are sick of

The faces of their co-prisoners,

Heroes were longing to see

Their smiles and warm hugs.

When others hate to cover

Their mouths, there were some

Who need to make their mouths

Covered in order to live, to avoid

Being burnt alone, on the ground

With ashes of others.

With it, another disease fired up

… again;

Irrespective of whether

Faces were covered, but are colored

Specifically, yellow.

Someone could grab the hair, and

Blame all the hate, smash

Their faces just because,

they were born.

Long cold winter days

Are still counting, but a little

Warmer now, neighbors’ eyes

Are visible; a look of someone still

Trying to survive the cold, yet

Eyes making a smile, a signal

That they’re fine, trying

To hold on, hoping,

That this prolonged winter

Come to its end;

When even just coughing won’t

Add up to months, and smiles

Are as bright as sun

Seeping thru the greens

Of spring. ~~

© 2021 Kathrine S

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