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Wing It

I Am So Happy To Have A Loving Wife

I remember my wife telling me this story

She grew up easy to please

When her mother made a cake

They had to wait for it to cool

She would put a little powdered sugar on it

Other times she made a drizzle

Powdered sugar and milk

It would look fancy

It tasted so good

Well today we took a page out of her book

It was getting late

We haven't pulled anything out for super

We did food shopping and errands earlier

We came home and tired from the heat

I crashed and took a nap

My wife watched some t.v. and made a few phone calls

Five-thirty and it was getting late

First, we were going to have scrambled eggs

Then we changed to french toast

With a side of eggs

It hit the spot

Something simple and sweet

I added a touch of vanilla for flavor


My wife's exact words, not mine

I love when things work out perfect

I really do like anything with a little maple syrup on it

Not one bite left

We are good for the night

Easy cleanup

Best of all

Cheaper than eating out

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