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The Windows to My Soul: A Poem

Dana Tate has been painting pictures with words from childhood. She has a passion for life and a heart for romance.


If you looked into my eyes I wonder if you could see

History unfold from the depth of my soul

Like an ocean the bottom runs deep.

If you took a piece of my heart, I wonder if you could feel

The pain that burns right through me when the one that

I trusted has made a fool of me.

And if you walked a day in my shoes

Do you think you can stand the weight?

Will you think I'm in really bad shape?

Or, will you crumble from the pressure and break?

There's much more to me than what your eyes can see

A smile is not always what it appears to be

The heart holds the secrets of stories untold

But the eyes are the windows to a persons soul.

But will you also see a strong woman- A survivor!

A woman knocked down, but then got back up fighting!

Overcoming every obstacle this life throws at me.

Oh, there's so much more to me than what your eyes can see.

I've been through some things and persevered every time!

With a strong determination and stronger will to survive!

But those things you wouldn't see if you just judged me by my smile

Those are things you'd only see if you looked deep into my eyes

Be in tuned to your inner strength.

1 Peter 4:12 Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you.

In this world we have and will always have challenges, however, it's during our trials and tribulations that we discover our inner strength; strength that pulls us through our difficulties and teaches us to be strong. Nothing is more powerful than a person who has overcome through perseverance and has learned to be a strong, confident, person in the process.

Tough times teach us patience, endurance, and builds character. Sometimes it's a way for us to stop and take a deeper look into ourselves and urge us to get our life in order. Never allow your circumstances to define you, for you are not defined by your challenges, but refined because of them. For those of you who went through something and chose not to be a victim, but victorious, this poem is for you.

Why do so many people have low self-esteem?

© 2011 Dana Tate

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