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Honeylyn L. Casquijo' Wilted will remind us that life though blossoms, it will also wilt over the ages of years. Enjoy life while it blooms.

And my vision was sharp

When I began to look on my past

I remembered floating memories

of my early days

while they hung around in my head

some died with the wind

others just normally decayed

and lost for a decade.

I felt nervous

when I started

to attend school

on my tenth day

of coming back

and forth late

my teacher called me a diller

a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar

but she recognized

I had started to bloom

down the road

she nailed my nickname

Juan, the late blossom of the century

come on, I was flattered

next thing I knew

she was stunned

this ten- hour scholar

ramped up

and I felt comfortable

paving at full speed.

Lulled by my dreams

I had the audacity

I hit my bull's-eye

I was thrilled and hastened

without fright

of withdrawing

I was determined

to arise

coz' I got my breeze

beneath my wings.

I was standing

on the stage of success

they crowned me with crystals

my glorious future

were shining from afar

and my heaven embraced the shore

I was drowning in pride

as though I were a king

for every man was my servant

and my castle was a rock

which neither an enemy

nor a foe

could ever crack.

Too much effort

few praises

my arrogance went right up my throat

and my desperation upon my heart

I was up to my eyeballs

I said no to getting up

and I had my feet stuck

too painful

too scary

I wounded up lying

in my solitary bed

my golden days

had tarnished

my fearless heart ran out

and I'm just looking forward to my wake.


© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo

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