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Willing to Wait

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Sometimes the ones you love

have to be someone your

willing to wait for until they

are ready to commit.

Love is never an easy decision

and falling for someone who

is broken is an even tougher one.

All you can do is love

them and wait for the

time that they are willing

to make the changes they

know they have to make

to be able to come to you.

All you can do is love

them no matter the cost.

Sure it will hurt at times,

knowing that they love

you, but keep pushing you

away in favor of others,

but if you are willing to

wait and continue to love

them no matter the

circumstances then maybe

one day they will open

their eyes and realize what

they have in from of them and

stop chasing the rest of the

crazy pack that surrounds them.

© 2020 Emily

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