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Will We Ever Learn?

I put my poetry head on after watching some news items. History keeps repeating, doesn't it?


I wonder if we, the bumbling human race

All of us, with peace, humility and grace

Can admit that this poor planet’s in a sorry mess

To multiple crimes humans can, should confess

Will we ever succeed in bringing about evil's death

Turn hate to love, inhale with one pure shared breath?

We often know better but act like we don't see the risks

We poison our precious planet, hurt people, God's gifts

We repeat history’s worst cycles

We have chances to opt for what's right, beneficial

But glance around this planet of ours, we're too superficial

We could shine love's light on differences, similarities

Seek to compliment, enhance, admire the rarities

Without thinking of perceived flaws and weaknesses

Harsh judgement has taken on the form of an illness

Isn’t there a collective will to find a cure, to eradicate?

We think we’re clever but don’t leap towards a better fate

We repeat history’s worst cycles.

Choose positivity!

Choose positivity!

Have you noticed that negativity is a habit these days

Positivity is ridiculed, thank God not by all, as the daft way

"Why are you so happy?" Is not always a kind inquiry

But the challenge of a mind turned sour, to jealousy

I wonder if one day we'll think of more than me, one

Not evaluate with money and property, deals done

Open our eyes fully, see that I is better with you

Be part of an enriched soulful band, without a coup

We repeat history’s worst cycles

We can aim for a distant point beyond the horizon

Where fear and darkness are banished by compassion

Blossoming lands and days to share, to fend off woes

A time when "live and let live" is a sincere motto

We're in trouble again fellow wanderers of humanity

Growth, knowledge and conviction aren't insanity

We say we want them, crave a better day for all

A look out of the window, to the vision we’re appalled

Yet we repeat history’s worst cycles

Oh humanity, what have we done?!

Oh humanity, what have we done?!

Imagine the joy of unison, one beautiful song

If we stop singing the stale words from past arias so wrong

Politicians might tell the truth, bias won’t dictate

Bombs won’t drop, humans might not against the world medicate

I wonder if the next generation will ask these same questions

Consider circumstances today as inedible for safe digestion

Perhaps we’ll surprise, inspire for decades with a positive reply

Offer them humanity’s echoing weapon free, loving battle cry

Before they too repeat history’s worst cycles.

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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