Will Smith (2005-2008)

Updated on January 1, 2018


ALEX HITCHENS is a Date Doctor.
Who helps people find their lovers.
Helping people of all kind.
Lending words of wisdom all the time.
Meanwhile, SARA MELAS.
She works nonstop.
She's told she needs a boyfriend.
But says she wants nothing distracting.
One night while Alex is out.
Playing pool with his friend talking about.
Talking about settling down.
Alex also hears that he needs around.
The woman of his dreams.
Then suddenly he sees.
He sees some walking in.
Then agrees that he needs a friend.
He remembers his college days.
When he pushed his girl away.
He never forgot what he did.
He desires to help others not fall in.
Who wanted a girl and needed him.
Needed him to help him win her.
Feeling his way is losing her.
Hitch reluctantly takes the case.
He then goes and investigates.
The girl's name is ALLEGRA COLE.
A professional woman that takes control.
Takes control of her destiny.
Albert was destined to be.
Destined to be apart of her life.
Hoping she could one day be his wife.
Albert quits his job.
But he's offered another Job.
Another Job from her.
Asking to go out later.
That night, Hitch meets Sara.
They get to know each other.
They both are attracted.
They're in love but try to hide it.
Sara's smiling more at work.
Hitch talks to her at work.
Contacting her through a walkie-talkie.
While her co-workers are listening.
They agree to a date.
Going water skying in the bay.
After, they go to a museum.
Where Sara finds more wisdom.
More about her family.
She then starts crying.
Hitch finds that her father was murdering.
He trains Albert the next day.
He and Allegra go on a date.
They experience struggles.
But in the end, they're a couple.
Sara and Alex get closer.
They eventually get together.

Will Smith
Alex (Hitch) Hitchens
Eva Mendes
Sara Melas
Kevin James
Albert Brannaman
Amber Valetta
Allegra Cole

The Pursuit of Happiness

CHRIS GARDNER and his family.
Are currently struggling.
Struggling but making it.
With Chris being a salesman.
But he's investing in an invention.
Hoping one day it will be working.
It's frustrating his wife.
She feels that he's wasting his life.
Chris carries that invention everywhere.
As he walks with it people stare.
He gets his car towed.
His wife frustration grows.
He hasn't sold any for a while.
One night, he tries to figure how.
How he'd support his family.
The next day he sees others happy.
He then explains to his wife.
That heading to change his life.
He's applying to be a stockbroker.
But leaves the invention with another.
Then it gets stolen.
He calls himself very stupid.
He still pursues it.
Tries again to make an impression.
Meanwhile, his wife.
Becomes disgusted with his wife.
That impression he wanted.
He ends up making.
But he finds that his wife.
Has had enough of his life.
She leaves him and takes.
Takes CHRIS JR away.
The stock company.
Decides that they want to see.
He later goes to jail.
He meets right out of jail.
Meets the superiors.
Hoping to work for Dean Whitter.
His image is not correct.
But he fulfills his purpose.
He's hired but he's evicted.
He and his son are staying.
Staying in a hotel room.
While his wife moves on to.
She moves to New York City.
Chris and her son are still struggling.
They get kicked out of the hotel.
But in the end, Gardner prevails.

Will Smith
Chris Gardener
Jaden Smith
Chris Gardener Jr
Thandi Newton
Linda Gardener

I am Legend

A re-engineered virus.
Was formed to cure another virus.
But it turned into tragedy.
That virus ended up killing.
Killing most of those infected.
Turning a few into mutants.
Mutants that hate sunlight.
Only a few can stand sunlight.
A few yrs after the outbreak.
Isolates himself in New York.
Skeptical living in New York.
Unsure if some remain.
So he has daily routines.
He looks for a cure.
Despite him being unsure.
He awaits for survivors.
He schedules to meet the survivors.
He remembers his family.
Perished accidentally.
His loneliness takes its toll.
But his dog keeps it controlled.
He spends nights Barricaded.
In a home in Washington.
To hide from Darkseekers.
Staying away from creatures.
On day Sam sees a deer.
He decides to chase the deer.
Chase the deer in a dark building.
Then sees it's infested by a colony.
A colony of Darkseekers.
Neville escapes the creatures.
He exposes them to sunlight.
Then sees a cure in his sight.
A cure derived from his blood.
Neville wants the blood.
So he sets a trap to get it.
Holding a Darkseeker Hostage.
Tries saving it but fails.
The next day he is trapped.
He is later attacked.
Attacked by infected dogs.
Which bites and kills his dog.
He cried because he lost his best friend.
He's nearly killed but ETHAN.
Ethan rescues him.
Then decides to take him.
Taking him home for treatment.
He finds that ANNA and Ethan.
Are survivors making their way?
Making their way to Vermont.
Neville gets the cure before dusk.
Killing them all with the light.
He sees they're right and dies.
Saving the cure to save lives.

Will Smith
Robert Neville
Alissa Braga
Charlie Tahan

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