Will Smith ( 2001-2004)

Updated on December 31, 2017


There was once a man named CASSIUS CLAY.
A boxer in a class of heavyweights.
He was preparing to fight.
But stood in the face the night.
The night of the event.
He tries keeping him unfocused.
It works at first. He dominates.
But starts complaining midway.
Complaining about his eyes.
He later implies.
That his opponent tried cheating.
Which results in him attempting.
Attempting to resign.
But his trainer tells him to fight.
Clay's able to see again.
He dominates the fight and wins.
He takes a trip to Africa.
He brings knowledge from Africa.
He's later granted a new name.
MUHUMMAD ALI due to his fame.
He then gets married.
But is sad when finding.
Finding that his good friend.
Has been assassinated.
He divorces his wife.
She didn't approve of his life.
His life as a Muslim.
She did not want to be Muslim.
Ali battled with the U.S Army.
Then is stopped from fighting.
He loses his passport.
He finds himself in court.
Sentenced to spend time away.
But it's overturned one day.
He's released and marries.
He fights again an is traveling.
Attempting to regain his title.
In the midst of it, he struggles.
He loses a career first.
But he continues to work.
He cheats on his wife.
Damages his marriage life.
His wife comes to him.
She then asks him.
Asks him who he wants.
He says he wants another shot.
Another shot at the title.
It's hard but he regains the title.

Will Smith
Cassius Clay/Muhummad Ali
Jamie Fox
Drew Brown
Jon Voight
Howard Cosell

Men In Black 2

K's enjoyed life for five years.
J filled his slot those years.
One night in a pizzeria.
He investigates a murder.
Finding a shapeshifting plant.
Is on a citywide rant.
Looking for something valuable.
SERLENA knows it's powerful.
J knows it as well.
He's pointed to his mentor.
K does not remember.
He doesn't remember anything.
J tells him there are beings.
Alien beings in his workplace.
As Serlena attacks the base.
K regains his memories.
He reveals that his memories.
Had valuable information.
That he considered erasing.
He left himself clues.
For them both that's good news.
They find a locker key.
They then find safety.
The key opens a locker.
They found later.
That K doesn't know where he hid it.
He says they must find it.
They must find and return it.
Return it to save their own planet.
Its also to save Zartha.
Wanting to keep it from Serleena.
The goal is accomplished.
They do all that's needed to stop it.

Will Smith
Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones
Agent k
Lara Flynn Boyle

Bad Boys 2

Investigate the flow of ecstasy.
Ecstasy flowing through miami.
They attend a Joy Klux meeting.
Assuming it to be a drug drop.
Their raid ends up botched.
Mike shoots Marcus by accident.
They then find that they've mistaken.
At the P.D their boss was angry.
When they got there he was screaming.
Mad because of their antics.
Marcus later questions.
Questions their partnership.
Thinking he should let the ship.
Let the ship go away.
Mike convinces him to stay.
But Mike has a relationship.
With a DEA operative.
Her name is SYD.
Who is the sister to Marcus.
Syd investigates JOHNNY TAPIA.
Who distributes drugs through gangstas.
In the middle of a transaction.
Syd's attacked by gangstas.
Mike and Marcus find out.
They take them all out.
The transaction's ecstasy.
Tapia is using dead bodies.
They save Syd from danger.
Marcus finds out they're together.
The pursue Tapia.
They find that Tapia.
Is using a mortuary.
To launder his money.
They get in his mansion.
They find where he's heading.
Tapia first courts Syd.
He then takes Wyd.
Takes her to Cuba.
Marcus & Mike head to Cuba.
Battling to get her back.
Killing Tapia and staying on track.

Will Smith
Mike Lowrey
Martin Lawrence
Macrcus Burnette
Jordi Molla
Johnny Tapia

I Robot

Humanoid Robots serve humanity.
Three laws help them do it safely.
DEL SPOONER is the detective.
Disgusting them a, he hates them.
Because they refused to save a child.
From a car that was running wild.
The car was actually sinking.
They saved him for an unknown purpose.
He had critical injuries.
But he learned that DR.LANNING.
Created him with robotic organs.
Runs a corporation.
He reports that something happened.
Involving Dr. Lanning.
Manning fell to his death.
Spooner feels that his death.
Is not accidental.
He grows very skeptical.
He teams up with SUSAN CALVIN.
Who consults artificial intelligence.
VIKI shows the review.
The old and the new.
The footage of the building.
No one was there while Lanning.
While Lanning fell out from his window.
He was thrown from his window.
Calvin denies it at first.
The three laws won't let it work.
But SONNY proved it can work.
Spooner is later attacked.
It's tough but he fights back.
He interviews Sonny.
Who sees Spooner leading.
Leading an army of robots.
Robertson tries killing Sonny.
Because he's not bound fully.
Fully to the three laws.
Sonny will hurt the cause.
Instead, Sonny survives.
He helps Spooner find.
Find who's behind.
Viki is the mastermind.

Will Smith
Del Spooner
Bridget Moynahan
Dr. Susan Calvin
Alan Tdyk

Shark Tale

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