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Men In Black 3

On the moon in a prison.
There's an inmate planning.
Planning to go to earth.
But BORIS escapes it first.
Boris the Animal.
He makes his presence known.
Aiming to get revenge.
On one particular Agent.
Agent K. Who shot off his arm.
He captured him and didn't let him harm.
He didn't let him harm anyone else.
K saw and heard the way he felt.
K was with J when he first sees him.
Boris informs him.
That he is already dead.
J discovers that K caused their extinction.
Boris was mad that his race.
Was no longer on the face.
No longer on the face of the earth.
Boris was out to hurt.
So he traveled back to the time.
When K was in his prime.
He alters history to Kill K.
Meanwhile, Agent J.
He finds that it was more affected.
No one understands his obsession.
His obsession with Agent K.
Until they find the fracture in space.
While Agent K is gone.
Boris race will live on.
Nothing will protect the earth.
So J goes to stop the worst.
Goes to stop Boris from killing.
Stop Boris from killing Agent K.
Attempting to end this right away.
So he travels back in time.
Goes to 1969.
Goes to Coney Island.
Knowing that's where Boris is hiding.
He finds Boris arrested.
K is preparing.
Preparing to wipe his memory.
But ends up deciding.
Deciding to investigate.
Claims that agent K.
Came to the past.
Hoping to make earth last.
They find a few clues.
Then they receive some news.
That Boris has escaped.
He is on his way.
To try saving his race.
Boris from 09.
Teams up with the one in 69.
J reveals his real purpose.
K does not take it.
He does not take it well.
Despite it, they do well.
J completes the mission.
Keeping Boris race in extinction.

Will Smith
Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K
Jermaine Clement
Boris the Animal

After Earth

The human race abandons earth.
Assuming a new one will birth.
Years later CYPHER RAIGE.
Battles an alien of rage.
S"KRELL tries to conquer.
The new earth that was birthed after.
After the old was abandoned.
The new earth is invaded.
By predatory creatures.
Looking to conquer.
They sense fear.
Cypher learns to suppress fear.
Using a technique.
A technique called ghosting.
He teaches it to the rangers.
Leading them out of danger.
They get the victory.
Meanwhile, his son is thinking.
He's the fault of his sister's killing.
KITAI trains hard to be.
To be like his father.
But can't control his anger.
He's too reckless.
Being like dad requires discipline.
Cypher views him as a disgrace.
But his mom insists that Cypher take.
Takes him on his voyage.
Teach him before his retirement.
He reluctantly agrees.
His son becomes his trainer.
They abort the spaceship.
Asteroids force their spaceship.
Forces it to crash.
On a quarantined land.
Cypher broke his legs.
The beacon was damaged.
They couldn't call rescue.
So they went on through.
Cypha gives instructions.
For Kitai to go to the section.
The tail of the ship.
There he finds a gift.
He finds a backup beacon.
Cypha gives up his weapons.
He gives him instructions.
He guides him along the way.
Making sure he doesn't go astray.
Kitai does struggles.
But surpasses all the struggles.
He becomes more fearless.
He completes the mission.

Will Smith
Cypher Raige
Jaeden Smith
Kitai Raige

Winters Tale

Once, an immigrant couple.
Gets into some trouble.
When they try to enter Manhattan.
They're refused because of consumption.
Meanwhile, their infant child.
They disguise and send the child.
Sends it in a model sailboat.
Hoping the baby floats.
He floated to New York City.
Found by a guy named PEARLY.
He was given the name PETER.
Peter grew to be a loser.
A loser until he decides.
To leave from Pearly's side.
Pearly is a gangsta.
He hunts after Peter.
Peter's found by his gang.
But a winged creature comes saves.
Saves him. Peter hopes to move.
Hoping it can come soon.
But asked to rob a mansion.
The home of a woman dying.
She has a high fever.
So high she sleeps in the winter.
The winter cold air.
But she soon finds out where.
Where Peter's headed.
She sees him about to do it.
She finds out his wishes.
He wishes to not be a thief.
BEVERLY sits and offers him tea.
They then tell love stories.
While Pearly is ordering.
Ordering his men to the mansion.
To make sure Peter stays focused.
Focused on the job.
Making sure that he robs.
Instead, he saves Beverly.
Feeling it's his destiny.
They escape from Pearly.
Running in New York City.
Peter meets her parents.
Winning over their respect.
Beverly informs Peter.
That destiny is always near.
Meanwhile, LUCIFER.
Knows a way that's sure.
A way inside the mansion
So Pearly decides to ask him.
But the request is denied.
Beverly is later surprised.
She's poisoned by surprise.
She later dies.
Peter returns to the city.
Pearly is there waiting.
They get into a brawl.
But Peter stands tall.
He suffers a few bruises.
But a light shines from heaven.
Destroying Pearly.
That light assured him the victory.

Will Smith
Colin Farrel
Peter Lake
Russel Crow


A former NFL center.
That was really popular.
Was found dead in a pickup truck.
After years of having bad luck.
Before he died.
A friend came to confide.
Told him he's losing memory.
Saying odd things to his family.
Meanwhile, BENNET OMALU.
Is the doctor that's chosen to do.
Chosen to do his autopsy.
Before it, he was wondering.
Wondering how a man.
Who is doing all he can.
All he can do to survive.
Just suddenly dies.
Dies of a heart attack.
He finds brain damage.
He remembers who he used to be.
Then determines what the cause may be.
It may be the result of many hits.
Despite helmets, he wasn't protected.
He then investigates.
Writes a paper for the sake.
For the sake of NFL athletes.
Warning them about their safety.
The NFL rejected it.
But that only fueled his investigation.
He discovered that the NFL is lying.
Ex-players are dying.
Eventually, they see.
They let him present his findings.
Presenting it in front of a committee.
He talks about player safety.
They listen reluctantly.
Barring him from the meeting.
He gets help from a former player.
That player became the savior.
He took the place.
But Omalu' s seen as a disgrace.
Omalu feels pressure.
To not give any more efforts.
Football's loved in Pittsburgh.
He's forced to leave Pittsburgh.
Forced or be deported.
Or given petty charges.
He urges the league tell the truth.
As he continues to pursue.
To bring it to the light.
Some find that he's right.
Players have concussions.
He tells them about playing.
NFL makes a new rule.
No longer seeing him as a fool.

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Will Smith
Bennet Omalu

Suicide Squad

After Superman dies.
A group of criminals arises.
The two leaders with a group of friends.
Under command of RICK FLAG.
Used as disposable assets.
Put in high risked missions.
Working for the U.S government.
Each member implanted.
With a bomb that's tracking.
Keeping them from escaping.
If they do, it's exploding.
Rick Flags girlfriend.
Happens to be a witch.
She's called the ENCHANTRESS.
Who's mad that she's imprisoned.
She escapes getting revenge.
But the team of criminals doesn't let her win.

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Will Smith
Dead Shot
Joel Kinnaman
Rick Flag
Cara Delavengne

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