Will Rhyme (1992-1997)

Updated on December 28, 2017


Will Smith was born in 1968.
He did not wait too late.
Too late to rise to fame.
He was eager to get on the stage.
He started as a rapper.
He then became an actor.
Spending six seasons in Bel Air.
The silver screen defines his career.
He starred in blockbuster films.
One of the most successful men in film.

Where the Day takes you

Friends flee from hardship.
They form a protective.
A family. They became brothers.
With KING being their leader.
King is the one that's experienced.
He has streets and jail knowledge.
He feels that's it's been changed.
Feeling that it is his absence.
He wants revenge on TOMMY RAY.
Since Jail, he planned for the day.
Meanwhile, he looked for money.
But vowed to do right for the money.
He knows the streets could get it.
But remembers his experience.
MANNY finds where King is staying.
He and the group go there hoping.
Hoping he would join.
He goes before the boys.
While alone he's attacked.
By Ray and his pack.
Ray beats and almost stabs him.
But a group member shoots him.
King got his revenge and got away.
After spending an entire day.
Begging for money.
He focuses on relaxing.
Looking to move at the right time.
Presently, he wants to find.
Wants those friends that he lost.
He finds them and is thrilled.
In the midst of it, he's shot and killed.

Will Smith
Dermot Mulroney
Peter Dobson
Tommy Ray

Made In America

SARAH MATTHEWS is riding her bike.
Through the town in the daylight.
Seeing people on the scene.
Before dressing as an African queen.
TEA WALTERS finds his blood type.
Then takes his future wife.
To meet her estranged father.
First, he goes to a donor.
He donates his blood.
He's reluctant to donate blood.
While she finds her father.
Then tracks him soon after.
She stands with him face to face.
She sees he's a different race.
HAL JACKSON's. A car salesman.
He gets real acquainted.
Real acquainted with his daughter.
Gets to work moments later.
While doing a commercial.
She interrupts the commercial.
Just to tell him who he is.
He's shocked to know she's his kid.
Meanwhile, she tells Sarah.
After making a nice dinner.
She finds out he's white.
Thinking she destroyed her kid's life.
She then does research.
Feeling she didn't get her worth.
She heads down to meet him.
She stands face to face with him.
Informing Hal she's ZORA's mom.
As Tea enters the Job.
Entering with Zora.
Zora goes in and sees her mother.
She sees Zora has ways like him.
Through it all she hates him.
Zora spends a lot of time.
Leaving work while Tea lies.
Lies to hide that Zora.
Is spending time with her father.
In a twisted truth, she finds.
He's not the dad but gets a surprise.
Surprise at her graduation.
When he takes the role to be it.

Will Smith
Tea Walters
Ted Danson
Hal Jackson
Whoopie Goldberg
Sarah Matthews
Nia Long
Zora Matthews

Bad Boys

Are detectives in Miami.
Working on capturing.
A drug dealer that is smuggling.
Smuggling drugs into the country.
Mainly through Miami.
But currently, investigating.
Drugs an organized robbery.
From a vault in the department.
I.A threatens the department.
Threatens to shut it down.
Feeling there's someone around.
Around the department every day.
That showed the robbers the easy way.
The easy way to the vault.
They must find what was in the vault.
They only give them five days.
They are forced to find different ways.
So they waste no time finding clues.
JULIA MOTT has some news.
She takes it to the PD.
Hoping to talk to Lowrey.
But Lowrey is away.
Burnette's forced to impersonate.
Impersonate Lowrey to get the news.
Julie is hunted so its great news.
News that will break the case.
A henchman goes to her place.
But Burnette shoots and kills him.
Lowrey comes back.
He notices that Burnette.
Is acting like he is him.
So he acts like he is him.
They later look through mug shots.
They find henchmen in the plot.
They then go hunting.
Killing a few but escaping.
Meanwhile, Burnette's family.
Finds out where he's working.
As they look for the man in charge.
Wanting to make sure he's not at large.
The truth is revealed.
That the two are not being real.
Julie is mad about it.
Then kidnapped and taken.
Taken to a warehouse.
While I.A finds out.
That they didn't meet the deadline.
But they are given more time.
They track down the drugs.
Ending it all by doing what they love.

Will Smith
Mike Lowrey
Martin Lawrence
Marcus Burnette
Tia Leoni
Julie Mott
Music with Jazzy Jeff
Solo Albums
Rock the House (1997)
Big Willie Style (1997)
Hes the DJ, I am the Rapper (1988)
Willenium (1999)
And in this Corner (1989)
Born to Reign (2002)
Home Base (1991)
Lost N Found (2005)

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