Will RHYME (1996-2000)

Updated on December 31, 2017

Independence Day

It's July 2, 1996.
Earth sees in its orbit.
An enormous alien ship.
Deploying other smaller ships.
Sees it and wonders.
Wonders just what it is.
The sight devastates adults and kids.
DAVID LEVINSON finds a signal.
He detects that it is global.
He also detects it's a timer.
Counting down before it expires.
It expires the earth.
He goes to the Whitehouse first.
Learns what's at his door.
The aliens are hostile.
The facts go national.
Thomas orders the cities evacuate.
But at this time it's too late.
The saucers activate.
The impact devastates.
Devastates each place it strikes.
Along with the president's wife.
Thomas and Levinson.
Are flying on Air Force One.
Narrowly escaping the attack.
Developing a strategy to fight back.
Thomas finds out about his wife.
Shes in a hospital hanging on to life.
Later his wife dies.
Fueling him to save more lives.
Leaders order counterattacks.
But the ships have shields and they fight back.
Hiller is one of the attackers.
He fights of his attacker.
He captures the Alien later.
Then takes it to a doctor.
They figure its behavior.
Then prepare to kill its mother.
Hiller and Levinson.
Volunteer for the mission.
Going to the mothership.
Killing her and ending it.

Will Smith
Captain Steve Hiller
Jeff Goldblum
David Levinson
Micheal Thomas

Enemy of the State

He wants a promotion in the NSA.
He's willing to do anything.
That includes invading privacy.
Invading the privacy of Americans.
Reynolds is very determined.
To get the deal done.
So he murders the one.
The one that didn't allow it.
He made it look like he didn't do it.
Afterwards, he discovers.
That a wildlife researcher.
Was watching their every move.
He also saw Reynolds do.
He saw him commit the murder.
He decided to tell another.
Reynolds monitored it all.
So he decides to transfer it all.
An old friend that he hadn't seen.
Hadn't seen him since college.
Clayton doesn't know he has it.
But the NSA knows it.
Dean then becomes the hunted.
He's watched in his home.
He doesn't have a place to go.
He thinks he knows who's behind it.
He needs help & knows where to find it.
He schedules to meet with LYLE.
Meanwhile, the NSA watches.
The try intercepting it.
Lyle has to rescue dean.
They later go into hiding.
Dean finds out the truth.
While the NSA's in pursuit.
Lyle reveals that he lived in Iran.
Tries telling Dean of this man.
Dean wants to clear his name.
He starts to play Reynolds game.
He puts money in Reynolds account.
Making it look like he's taking out.
Taking out bribes from others.
Dean decides to put on the pressure.
Lyle sets to meet Reynolds.
To exchange the video.
Hoping he'd confess.
Instead, he demands it.
Demands the video footage.
Which results in them escaping.
Dean uncovers the conspiracy.
That truth ends up forcing.
Forcing Congress to avoid scandal.
Keeping it from going national.
To preserve their reputation.
While Dean is cleared of all charges.

Will Smith
Robert Dean
Gene Hackman
Edward Lyle
Jon Voight
Thomas Reynolds

Men In Black

A governmental agency.
Contacts aliens in the 60s.
Its refugees are on earth.
Disguised as humans on earth.
Most are in New York City.
Policed by a secret agency.
MEN IN BLACK protect earth.
From threats beyond the earth.
Using memory erasers.
To hide alien behavior.
Stopping aliens at the border.
But one of the agents decide.
That he's getting old for this ride.
Agent D memories erased.
Erased by Agent K.
K looks for a new partner.
Meanwhile, some activity.
Is being tracked by police.
Is seen in a museum.
Agent K finds out about it.
Before he erases.
Erase the memory of the police.
He then asks he joins the agency.
Meanwhile, they get news.
That an alien has consumed.
Consumed a farmer.
Then used the skin of the farmer.
Using it to disguise him.
The alien kills all like him.
The alien searches for something.
While K is investigating.
He finds that it's a bug.
An aggressive bug.
A cockroach-like alien.
He later learns from his informant.
That the roach searches for a galaxy.
That galaxy has massive energy.
Massive energy in a jewel.
The roach wants the jewel.
That roach goes to New York City.
K puts an end to it murdering.
K returns to civilian life.
Gets a partner that he like.

Will Smith
Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K

Wild Wild West

It's been four years since the war.
JAMES WEST is searching for.
Who's wanted for killing off?
Killing off many civilians.
That lived in the southern.
In the southern United States.
He hopes to find before it's too late.
So they'd stop a massacre.
That McGrath has ordered.
Hoping to save many lives.
So west and his partner try.
They try arresting a brothel.
Which results in much trouble.
A brawl breaks out.
A fire breaks out.
Make a decision to dress.
Dressing up as women.
So no one sees them escaping.
They meet in Washington.
Meeting with the president.
They're told about the disappearance.
Of America's key scientists.
Bloodbath arranged it.
West goes to find the scientists.
While they are on the way.
They begin to investigate.
A scientist that was killed.
A projection device revealed.
Revealed the last thing he saw.
They also find Mcgrath.
Then find a clue in an image.
They pursue a lead about a scientist.
He's hosting a gathering.
For the elite in southern society.
Gordon roams the mansion.
He rescues a woman.
He then frees West.
They then go to rest.
They hear of a reception.
They hear of a new weapon.
The weapon angers McGrath.
He reveals what's in his heart.
He tells that ARLISS LOVELESS.
Was always behind it.
The two pursue loveless.
Putting an end to his vision.

Will Smith
James West
Kevin Kline
Marshal Gordon
Kenneth Branaugh
Dr.Arliss Loveless

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