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Will Power Only Works in Here and Now: A Rhyme with a Message

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


If you plan to build walls around me, know this -- I will walk through them.

-- Richelle E. Goodrich

Like that old Arab maxim goes

what every wise bedouin knows:

"There is one thing we should never try

mounting a camel that hasn't come yet

or the one that has already passed by

if we don't want to end up with regret."

It's only in this moment that you live

the rest is memory and expectation

and you may find it hard to believe

but they mean your life stagnation.

Your body's vitality is measured by your will

nothing else can tell how much you're alive

you can train that power like any other skill

it means that sensation in your gutsy drive.

Try to apply it while thinking of past

or will yourself into some future act

and you'll see how intent can't last

telling you about an important fact.

Namely, your will only works in now and here

the only time and place your body will obey

past breeds depression, future breads fear

both are killing your will in their own way.

Use your past for memories that inspire

and your future for a strong motivation

but live willfully in present's inner fire

seeing all your life as your creation.

Put willing into everything that you do

never do it with only half of your heart

and don't bite more than you can chew

but once you bite, chew well every part.

But whatever you do, don't live in the past

it's bound to drain out all your will to live

years are going, and going so very fast

not living in now your life won't forgive.

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