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Will People Allow His Glory to Shine?

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He as the first

Child of the couple

Yea a male child

But for about three decades

He has not exceeded

A spot while his

Juniors have been making

Appreciable progress in their

Undertakings. His condition befuddled

His parents who decided

To consult the herbalist

In the land to

Know if “their might

And the beginning of

Their strengths” come to

The world at all

With any reputable star

First children in the

Land are usually called

Beginning of couples strengths

Especially if they had

Never given birth to

Children before marrying each

Other. When they got

To the herbalist and after

Spoken to the substance

Given unto them through

Which the man would consults

The gods to know

What they have come

For and what would

Be the solution to

What they have come

For. Often those who

Have come for consultation

At the herbalist would

Not tell the herbalist

What they have come

For but would mumble

Some words unto the

Given substance before dropping

It at a place

The herbalist would ask

Them to drop it at

They trusted that the

Gods would reveal unto

The herbalist what their

Problems were and why

They were there for

Consultations, spiritual counseling and

Solution to their problems

If a herbalist is

Spiritually sound and strong

He would be spoken

To by the gods

And decipher into details

Every words silently muttered

Yea those hidden things

In their hearts. The

Gods would speak about

Their pasts, presents and

Future and thereby proffer

Solution if any there

Be unto those people

Who have come for

The consultations. For a herbalist

That does this, the

People would know that

Such herbalist is powerful

And has really been

Dinning and winning with

The gods in the

Spiritual realms not excluding

The devil himself who

Is believed to be

Living in a polygonal house

He built by the road

Side on the street that

Leads to the land

Beyond where everyone must take

Pastor Adegunle of Blessed Memory

Pastor Adegunle of Blessed Memory

But the herbalist who

Cannot do this is

Considered fake, powerless an

Impostor duping people who

Are naïve of things

Of the spirit. The

Herbalist told the couple

After talking to the

Thing to drop it

In a place where

He has used the

Small carved rod on his

Hand to touch on

The ground. The rod

Is said to be rod of

Authority specially given to

Each herbalist. The descriptions

And decorations on it

Differs from one herbalist

Unto the other.

He used his rod of

Authority to touch the

Thing three times before

He starts communing with

The gods in some other

Languages that the people

Did not know, after

Speaking for some minutes

Then he looked up,

Frowning his face as

He looks at the faces

Of the couple one

After the other and

Sighed heavily. When they

Saw his face they

Were worried in their spirit

And desired more than

Ever to know what could

Be the problem that

The herbalist has seen

In the spiritual world

Which makes him look

Sullen, dejected and unhappy,

They asked to know what

It was that the gods

Have revealed unto him

And he told them

That he saw something

Coming down from the

Firmament, that thing is

A star, this star’s illumination

Covers the entire planet

But suddenly he saw

Some groups of people

Emerged from no where

And they gathered against

The emergence of this

World star. After much

Ado, they succeeded in

Blocking the star from

Shining on the planet

The star’s illumination which

Is called its glory was

Covered by the hands of

This group of powerful people

Living on the earth.

This is what I see.

The couple looked confused

For they have not

Come to ask for a star

Emergence and they were thinking

That what was it that

The man means. While

On this thought, then

The man speaks again

You are confused as per what

I am saying is that

Not so? They nodded

Their heads and he said

You have come here


To ask about the

Condition of one of

Your sons, this your

Son is the first issue of yours

Everything he has touched

Since the time he has

Been given birth to

Has been turned sour, negative

Sometimes when he was

A child he performed brilliantly

While in the school, but

Afterwards, he has not done

Anything right, and now

Things have gone from

Bad to worse for this son

Of yours, such that you are

Now thinking maybe he

Does not come to the world

With any glory. It is for

This reason that you are here

Or is it not? They replied

Him that the gods are perfectly

Right. As he continues that

Is what I am saying.

This son of yours is a

Star that I have said the gods

Have revealed unto me his

Glory is the type that covers the

Entire world, his glory is

Not a localized glory like that

Of the other children that you

Have, in fact I doubt if anyone

Has the type of glory

That he comes to the world with

In this island. But the sad part

Of the story which makes me looked sullen

Downcast and disturbed the

Other time was that there are

Powerful people who have seen his

Star even before he was given birth to

Those people have gathered against

The manifestation of his star in

The world. They have failed in

Preventing him coming to the world

Having seen that they have

Failed in this respect, they

Decided to block the glory

From manifesting so that he

Would not be able to

Fulfil his mission on the world.

He concluded. What then

Could we do about this? They asked

The man told them that

They are going to appease

The powerful ones so that

They will let him go and stop

Disturbing him. But the sacrifice

That would be done for him

He is the one who would

Carry the sacrifice, he said to them

Then they told him that

That would be difficult because their

Son has embraced a foreign religion

He claims that he cannot do such thing again

Then he will die like that

The herbalist said, because there

Is no other way for him to escape

Those people. Even if he leaves their town

And go to the developed countries

Their hands would reach him there

Because they also have connections there

He told them. When the mother of the guy

Hears this he started crying

Because the powerful people of the

World want to make his son to become

A waste in the world.

They left the herbalist house

With the mind to go and persuade

Their son to do what the herbalist

Has told them so that his life would change

However, when they got to the guy,

He told them that he has become

A christian and that contradicts his new

Faith, that he would not do it.

His mother cried and cried, but

He did not change his mind.

Things became harder for the guy

But he did not relent in his faith

Then something happened, there

Was a lady he has known when

He was in the college, although

Nothing connects them together.

This lady and this guy after

They have parted for years

Got across each other again on the social

Media. He was thinking the lady has been married

The lady also taught he has been

Married but one day they got to

Know their marital status. And

The lady picks more interest in him

After knowing that he is yet

Single. The lady has become a

Well-connected lady through the

Work she was doing and having suffered

Several disappointments from different

Different guys whom she has been romantically

Involved with she hopes to give him a trial

Because they have been known to each other in the past

This guy never knew the status of the lass

Although he knows that she is working

At a reputable firm but never knew of

Her other investments. The lady started

Testing the guy with some trivial

Things to know his disposition to those

Things, and he seems to be passing those

Trials that she is putting across to him

And the lady would not follow protocols

Of their land, which is that it is a man

Who must ask a lady out, as she asks him out

And proposed to him. She was thinking she would

Meet with resistance from him

But she did not, what the guy only complained

About was he has nothing to finance a family

For now and that’s why he has piped low

The lady told him that he should just say he

Does not like him and she would gladly leave him

But he said he likes her, but the only albatross to

Their relationship is what he has stated. For how

Would he look as a servant to him. That would not

Project her in a good light before the people. The lady

Doused his fear. And as they started going out

She connected him to some of her clients

Who trained him on a money business

From the knowledge he is gotten he told his

Fiancée that he desired to start the business but there

Is no capital. The fiancée lends her a token to start with

And within months, his story has changed

Such that people in other towns are connecting

Him to transact business with him. That was

How the fame started to rise and what the powerful

Ones thought they have blocked was restored

Unto him by his God through the assistance of

His fiancée whom he got married to later.

He lived a successful life and was heard of all over his continent.


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