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Will It Be Now or Never?

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Time Stops For No One

If it is late night or early morning

The day must go on

Look around you and make some good choices

If you don't you will see the difference later

There is only so much time

We all like to think in our minds

We have unlimited time

If we knew how close to the end we might be

Suddenly, we might lose it

Rushing here or there

With an I don't care attitude

So it does us no good

We have to make plans

Like we will be here to see the plans through

The real bottom line

Is from one second to the next

We will never know

I couldn't sleep tonight

I usually never have a problem

My whole life I have always closed my eyes

So confident tomorrow will be another day

I have had many lists in the past

That kept me on target and going forward

To do what I didn't finish today

Each day trying to do more

Helping anyone I can along my journey

Being so thankful for everyone who has helped me

I find it kind of a pay back

It is the least I can do

My life has been pretty amazing so far

I have been blessed to do more than a handful of writings

Then even my biggest surprise

I have seen with my own eyes

People from all over have read my stoems

My story / poems that I have created

Good or bad

They are part of me

They are what I feel, think and believe

I think most people have many of their own stoems

Either they don't take the time to write them

Don't feel the need to share them

Because of what other people may think

How else will people get to really know someone

Unless they dig deep into their own mind/ spirit

I truly believe that is what keeps us alive and ticking

The rest is just white noise

A lot like static electricity

It is all around us

We might notice it sometimes

Other times we are unaware

It affects everyone

Only a few people will ever mention it

Fewer people will ever write it in a stoem

Good old static electricity

You are as close to me

As anyone has ever come

You surprise me with a shock

Then disappear and are invisible for a long time

Another zap

Surprise you have been here all along