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Will He Fall In Love Again?

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I love to write whenever I thought and feel.It is a way I express my truth from within through blending of a magical words of the soul.



Rhanzie Flores (2017)

And you know he doesn't want to speak it out

Yet those words are clear to read from his eyes

The love is bursting and almost spilling out

But his lips is sealed while his heart is crying out

Then he hides that fire inside his frozen shell

His fear crushes his burning desire into hell

The longingness he's wanting is tied up behind his brain

His inner voice asks, "Will you gonna be inlove once again?"

He keeps his silence and shut the voice of his soul

He throws his emotions to the earth's deepest hole

For he thought he is in the last end of his game

His inner voice asks, " Will you ever be loved once again?"

He's all that fightened and weaken of his thoughts

Maybe this time is too late to love again, that he thought

Although he knows how much happiness she brought.

His inner voice asks, "Will she ever love you truly with your worth?"

hanziewrote ❤️


© 2020 Rhodora

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