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Wildflowers of Westminster Woods

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.


Sometimes the days can still be uncertain, feel gray

But lately there has been many a sunny day

And I gather energy to walk the local pathway

Soon I become surrounded by flowers that draw me to stay


The natural landscape lures me in to admire the view

My appreciation for the sounds and scenes is tried and true

The colors change slightly as the days move into Fall

Flowers of purple, white and yellow stand tall

The mysterious sounds that I hear in this tiny marshland

Echo in harmony as I listen closely where I stand

As it is early evening in September, I start to feel a chill

But for a moment longer, I take it in while quiet and still

Now at the end of the path the sun shines down on me

Another dose of warmth against the cool helps me be

Even more grateful for nature's sweet vibe

And spending these seasonal moments of peace outside.

© 2020 Nella DiCarlo

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