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Wildflowers And Fireflies Part 5: Sharing Food In A Local Bakery

Emee.chan let her imagination run free with this one. She is a sucker for unusual meetings that can turn out to be fated.


Bantering Makes You Hungry And Contemplative

The bookshop owner watched
As two people bickered over
The books in their hands.
He shook his head in amusement.

Oblivious to the owner's gaze,
Firefly and Photographer were in
Their own world, secretly enjoying
The time they spent together.

After an hour or so spent
Selecting books and some
Interesting trinkets, they were
Ready to home.

They turned to each other
To say goodbye,
When suddenly Firefly's
Stomach made a sound.

She blushed under Photographer's
Questioning yet amused look,
Telling her stomach to shut up
Under her breath.

Seeing him still standing there,
She offered an explanation
"I don't usually eat in the morning,
So I guess I'm a bit hungry."

Oh, our Photographer sure is lucky today,
He now has another excuse to
Prolong their time together,
Without raising suspicion.

"Well, there is a bakery across the street,
If you want we could go grab something to eat?" Photographer asked in a
Neutral tone, not giving anything away.

She was about to refuse his offer when
He added "You shouldn't walk all the way home with an rumbling stomach.
People might think there's an
Dangerous animal nearby."

She saw mirth in his eyes, he was trying
To keep it from showing on his face.
Unfortunately for him, she was pretty
Good at reading people.

Firefly sighed and said "Yeah, I guess You're right, lead the way then. I could
Sure use some good food and a strong coffee in my system. And you as well, I've noticed your yawning in the shop."

He tried to deny he was yawning, but she
Just brushed him off with a "Whatever floats your boat", continuing on their way
To the bakery.

This bakery had nice blueberry muffins and an orange cake her grandmother,
And she as well, liked to eat.
She will buy it on her way out.

As they ordered what they wanted and
Sat waiting for it to arrive, Firefly took
The time to study him in silence.
She couldn't help feeling curious.

He was interesting, she can't deny that.
And despite her complaints, he had an weird sense of humor, in a good way.
She really enjoyed this little...

This little what? She asked herself,
Not knowing how to explain what
They did today, though it wasn't planned.
An outing could be an appropriate word...

But she couldn't shake the feeling of it
Being something else entirely.
She had a really good time discussing
Books with him and their banter.

She was crazy for even entertaining this
Train of thoughts, but at some point
It seemed as though they were...
Flirting with each other.

Really, Firefly? That's peculiar,
To say the least.
What made you think of it, it seems
As though you don't mind it at all.

Firefly shook those thoughts away,
She was more hungry than she thought.
That must be it, otherwise she wouldn't
Think of them...okay brain, stop.

As she was arguing with herself,
Their food arrived.
She was still deep in thought, when
There was a sound of a throat clearing.

She snapped back to reality,
Looking at Photographer's
Concerned face, she told him it was
Nothing and started eating.

And this is the first time they spent
In each other's company.
Sharing food in comfortable silence
In a local bakery.


© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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