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Wildflowers And Fireflies Part 4: Bookshop Encounter

Emee.chan let her imagination run free with this one. She is a sucker for unusual meetings that can turn out to be fated.

This is how I imagine the bookshope to look like. Well, this is as close as it can be I guess.

This is how I imagine the bookshope to look like. Well, this is as close as it can be I guess.

A quiet little place to read your book(s) in peace.

A quiet little place to read your book(s) in peace.

Recommending Books

One afternoon Firefly could be found
Browsing for some new books to read,
In a local bookshop that was there
Ever since one could remember.

The shop was a quaint little place,
Old-fashioned yet cozy, cluttered with
Books from the bottom to the top,
With a few trinkets placed randomly.

When you enter the shop, the smell of
Old books and paper fills the air,
Chocolate and coffee mixing with a
Smoky smell and a hint of vanilla.

That was the reason why Firefly loved it,
She loved the vintage looking interior and
The soothing smell of books.
Most importantly, it was quiet.

When you get further into the shop,
There is an area reserved for those who
Want to read their books here in peace.
All in all, it was her favorite shop in town.

She was so focused on flipping through
A book she thought about buying,
She didn't notice she started walking,
Not paying attention to her surroundings.

Suddenly, she bumped into someone,
Making them drop what
They were holding.
When she looked up, she saw him.

It was the Photographer she
Bumped into, what a surprise!
She hasn't seen him since that night
In the field, except in her thoughts.

Ignoring that one, she said "Oh sorry,
I didn't see you there."
He just smiled and answered "I figured, you were immersed in that book."

"Uh yeah, I was! I'm thinking of buying it,
That's why I'm here actually, I need Something new to read, the books I Brought with me I know by heart already."

He looked at her in surprise, he didn't Expect to have a civil conversation with her after that first time they ran into
Each other, but he isn't complaining.

"Same, I ran out of books to read as well.
Are you looking for something specific?
My favorite are Gothic novels, so I'm looking for those I haven't read before."

We have something in common,
She thought grudgingly.
Gothic novels are also her favorite ones
To read.

"They are my favorite too!
I wouldn't have pegged you for a
Gothic lover, if I had to guess I would say
You like science fiction or fantasy books."

She said it all with a teasing smile,
Finally gaining the upper hand,
She didn't forget his behavior
From last time.

Blushing a bit at her comment, Photographer said "Well I do like reading fantasy books, but somehow I find
Gothic ones more thrilling."

Firefly nodded at that, as it was a similar
Reason she read them.
It seems that he has a good taste, but
She would put him to the test.

"Okay, since you seem to know your Books, what would you recommend?
I can't decide, there are too many that
Look promising!"

At that he smirked, seeing an opportunity
To spend some time with her.
Lady Luck was on his side,
He won't be taking it lightly.

"Oh I don't know, I had something else
In plan, but I suppose I could help out
A damsel in literature distress." he said,
Hiding a self-satisfied smile.

At this, Firefly's temper rose,
If looks could kill, he would've been
Six feet under in a short time, but it would
Be worth it, just to see that spark
In her eyes.

"I'm no damsel and you're certainly no Prince Charming, I'm just trying to see if
Your taste in books is as awful as
Your attitude!" she fired back hotly.

Photographer laughed at her answer,
Enjoying their interaction even more.
His little firefly is so easily provoked,
But he'll save it all for later.

"Alright, alright, don't get mad at me,
I assure you my taste is just fine, as is
My attitude. I don't understand why would you say something like that, little firefly.
You don't even know me well enough."

Firefly rolled her eyes and replied "Whatever you say, Mr. Fine, let's just find those books we want and leave, you're starting to give me a headache."

She turned and marched away from him, leaving him to follow after her.
This afternoon sure took an
Unexpected turn for both of them.

What will happen next,
That is the question,
They started off with books, but will it end that way?

Interesting Facts

According to an article in "Smithsonian magazine", it is said that the smell of old books is a mix of grass and a hint of vanilla.

I've also read somewhere that they can even smell like chocolate and coffee.

Ooh, tasty! My two favorite smells. I like vanilla as well.

The smell of old books is divine.

The smell of old books is divine.

Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten (Official Video)

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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