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Wildflowers And Fireflies Part 3: The Inspiring Rain

Emee.chan let her imagination run free with this one. She is a sucker for unusual meetings that can turn out to be fated.


Garbage- Only Happy When It Rains (Official Video)

Determination And Denial Born From Stray Thoughts

Today was an almost quiet day,
Save for the sound of heavy rain falling.
Everyone stayed home, where it's cozy,
Listening to its pattering outside.

It was a welcome break from
The sun's scorching heat,
Bringing with it an unusual coolness
For this time of year.

This didn't seem to bother our
Photographer, who loved when
It rained like this, even if it meant
He couldn't take pictures.

Oh don't get him wrong,
He could sit outside on the porch,
Taking pictures while sitting in the
Rocking chair, but he's fine with watching.

And so, with nothing better to do
Than listen to the concert of nature,
He decided to scroll through his camera,
Since he didn't get to do it before.

The smell of coffee combined with
The natural scent of wet earth coming
Through the window cracked open,
Got the photographer to start working.

He was surprised by how many
Pictures he took, his boss at his
Part-time job would've been proud.
Now to select which ones to send to him.

He scrolled leisurely, without a hurry,
His sharp eye checking the quality of
Each and every one of his pictures,
Deciding which ones need some editing.

Just as he moved to the next one,
He came to the one he will definitely
Keep to himself, the sight only
His to behold, him and no one else.

It was the picture of her,
The girl he encountered that night,
As the fireflies danced around her,
Making her seem like a nymph.

It was the only proof he had of
Her existence, making it easier for him
To ask around town if someone knows
Anything about her.

He couldn't understand what it was
About her that made him go to such
Lengths to find her, to get her to give him A time of day, he has a feeling she'd Become someone special to him.

He imagined them sitting in their
Secret place, trading stories of their lives,
Talking about their dreams, or just sitting
In comfortable silence.

He also wished to run his fingers through
Her hair, to see if it's as soft as it looks,
To touch her as gently as he could,
To make her feel safe in his embrace.

Had someone been able to
Hear his thoughts, they'd think him
Absolutely whipped or simply just crazy.
Though it's probably the same thing.

But he isn't someone who denies
What he feels or gives up without trying.
He will do anything in his power to
Charm his little firefly.

With this newfound resolve and a smile
On his face, he continued working on
His pictures, his concentration
Not broken by the sound of rain.

On the other side of town,
The girl of his thoughts was also
Giving in to her stray thoughts
Of the stranger with a camera.

She didn't want to think of him,
But her mind had a mind of its own.
And apparently, so did her fingers,
As they wrote lines describing him.

The rain is getting to her, she thought.
A child of spring she was, so she loved
The rain as well, finding it inspiring for
Her collection of poems.

Instead of writing about the melody
That raindrops created outside,
Of trails they left on her window,
Instead of writing about anything else,
She thought and wrote about him.

As she read through her notes,
She couldn't believe her eyes!
For someone who claimed to dislike him,
Her words begged to differ.

What exactly did she think, then?
Did he really leave that much of
A bad impression on her?
For the time being, we can only wonder...


Some Facts

I know it probably isn't an important fact to some, but for some reason I like knowing when a certain character is born. I'm strange that way! :D

Since I like adding those small details, I'll have him be born in February.

If there is someone who is interested in astrology, he'll be an Aquarius.

As for her, she'll be born in April.

She's an Aries.

It probably won't come up later on in the story, but who knows, maybe it will!

The rain falls as you enjoy a cup of coffee.

The rain falls as you enjoy a cup of coffee.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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