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Wildflowers And Fireflies Part 2: The Intruder


Emee.chan let her imagination run free with this one. She is a sucker for unusual meetings that can turn out to be fated.



So, a brief story goes like this:

She came to visit her maternal grandmother before college starts. She adores her grandmother and gladly visits her, considering she was the one who showed her the field of wildflowers in the first place. Her mother was born here. Also, this small town is charming on its own. And she likes taking a break from the noisy city life.

Her major is Journalism. She likes writing and even has a little notebook where she scribbles her thoughts, turning them into poems or songs (it's cliche I know! :D)

She inherited her talent for writing from her grandmother, who is a famous writer in retirement. Her mother is a famous painter. They're an artistic family! :)

She won't be warming up to him any time soon. But I'll try not to drag it out.

He lives here, so this is his hometown as well. He is also a college student.

His major is Photography, but he's also planning to be a journalist.

He's good with computers.

They never met before, which is strange...or not.

He knows her grandmother. And respects her greatly.

He likes teasing his "little firefly" right from the start. And he'll continue to do so.

He's pretty blunt. He doesn't see the point in lying or mincing words.

This will be like a series of unexpected meetings.

That's it for now. I don't know how long this would be or where I'm going with it. I'll just go with the flow, I guess.

I hope I know what I'm doing! :D

This is how I imagined that little town where her grandmother lives looks like.

This is how I imagined that little town where her grandmother lives looks like.

An Intruder Wearing A Grin And Giving Out Nicknames

She came to her secret place,
Her sanctuary on bad days,
Her heaven on good ones,
Since she was just a little girl.

This field of wildflowers
No one paid much attention to is Peaceful, only visited by
Bees, butterflies, birds and her.

It gave her a sense of freedom,
This wide open space.
No tall buildings, no cars,
Just nature untainted.

She discovered it one summer day,
While visiting her grandmother,
And the rest is, as they say, history.
It was love at first sight.

She came this summer before
Her classes start at college,
Getting away from the city life
For some alone time.

She didn't think someone other than her
Might know about this place.
She soon found out that she was
Quite mistaken.

Which brings us to the present,
Where HE disturbed her alone time.
To say she was annoyed would be
An understatement!

He even had the audacity
To give her a nickname,
Even though this is the first time
They've seen each other.

As he stood there, grinning at her,
She took the time to look him over,
To determine whether or not
He posed any kind of threat.

He was tall and slender, but
Not to the point of appearing thin.
If she were to stand near him,
She'd barely reach his shoulder.

Night was starting to color the sky
In dark blue, purple and pink added
To the mix, but that didn't prevent her
From seeing his face clearly.

Messy dark blond hair suited him,
A stray thought passed through her mind.
Chiseled features, chocolate brown eyes With speck of green in them.

He was attractive enough,
But that didn't change the fact
He was a stranger, an intruder
And seemingly full of himself.

He called her "little firefly",
Which was an unusual nickname.
Well if he can do it, then she can
As well!

The question is- what to call him?
In her mind, he was dubbed as an Intruder, annoying, arrogant and
That was it.

"Stop grinning at me, there is
Nothing funny about this situation!
You disturbed my peace, you intruder!",
She said as she crossed her arms.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't know this
Place belonged to you!
How terrible of me to come here
And enjoy the view."

He replied sarcastically, still wearing
That grin, now a bit crooked.
He must think he's being clever, but
She won't put up with it!

Before she could say anything,
He continued "Let's start over,
Little firefly, tell me your name, I'll tell you mine and we won't be strangers then."

At this, she gave him a blank look.
Standing up, she started to leave, but not
Before replying "Not interested, you still
Insist on that silly nickname."

"Okay, have it your way then!
I have a feeling we'll
See each other around more often.",
He yelled after her, watching her leave.

Oh, they would see each other around.
This town isn't that big after all.
But their meetings won't just be
Happening here, on the contrary.

Her grandmother's house. I imagined it looks like this. Sort of. I'm absolutely in love with those houses you see in small towns in England. They have a certain charm to them.

Her grandmother's house. I imagined it looks like this. Sort of. I'm absolutely in love with those houses you see in small towns in England. They have a certain charm to them.

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Emee chan (author) on August 14, 2021:

Thank you and I hope I can keep it that way until the end.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 14, 2021:

You kept it interesting. Nice writing.

Emee chan (author) on August 14, 2021:

I figured a brief explanation would be a good idea. I'll probably add more as the story progresses.

Thank you so much, I hope I'll do a good job with this one! :))

Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on August 14, 2021:

I love it! Oh, the intrigue. I like how you added more details and context to the story, Emee. We will see where it goes and where your imagination takes you, or should I say - takes them. Great writing.

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