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Wild Wings on the Wind


Chasing all strongest currents,

wild birds seek their rides,

High above mountains and plains,

as a friendly wind provides.

On wings of eagles, they soar

and glide, all about the sky,

My heart and soul are with them,

as I wish, I too could fly.

Hawks and falcons reach the heights,

each one that may so dare,

Stretching their wings, join the clouds,

not having a single care.

Keen vision helps to see their prey,

so high above the ground,

They swing and to dip in fondest bliss,

to dive without a sound.


My feathered friends greet the sun,

and the moon and all the stars,

Fly at will at any time, explore the air,

all traveling without any bars.

Their world is such a fanciful one,

with no limits and never to hold,

As if by magic, birds reign on high,

oversee the blue skies, so bold.

They may choose here to remain

or to migrate way across the land,

Followers of the warming sun,

of life, that each one loves so grand.

No finer delight than to feel the wind

to push beneath their strong wings,

Such a lucky friend is each one then,

when to fly, and the joy it brings.


Wild wings, to dare, to challenge,

as no such beauty is defined,

No finer way to live their lives,

in all skies of blue, designed.

Birds so lucky and so blessed

all to explore the heights at will,

As I watch in wonder, my mind

to ponder, by the window sill.

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