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Wild Nebulas of Truth

I met someone once
He was walking alone
He said he had no friend
He said he owed no loan

It was a hot day outside
He didn’t seem to notice
The air around him was still
But he never lost his focus

He knew his past well
It was no mystery
Everything was a fact
He told them easily

You know it’s lonely road
Not everyone can take it
You point something out
It’s not what they’ll admit

He told me the truth is hard
But it always made his life easy
You know what they say
God can’t change history

Does every truth have a heart
There’s only one way to know
You have to finally hurt someone
Then watch which way they go

I don’t have to be right all the time
The answers are far beyond the sun
In the silence of listening to whispers
Near then is your heart to the one

The voicing of a piano is inside a guitar
Wind whistles between cedars and oaks
You can combine what seems different
But the same soil shares all the roots

There were no words left for me
In the simplicity of nature poets exist
The tone raises the hair on our arms
And on the truth is how we subsist

But the man I met I have to admit
It was only me, how could I forget
It was a dark night, like all the rest
It shined long after the sun had set

I know what I can say to you now
But what truth is it that I possess?
Only the words of comfort your need
Always from a heart that never rests

Can it be that I'm the one for you
Loyalty and respect without lies
In return my mind will explode
Until wild nebula's fill your eyes

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