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Wild Life: A Poem

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.



Life Is Wild

Looking for meat, bones obtained

This life story, like the wild

Sneak each other to fill the hungry stomach.

Right now, we can be a fanged animal, clawed, and looking for carcasses

Right now, we can fly like a hawk, into the sky looming, looking down.

Right now, we can be toxic to survive in a state of urgency.

Yeah, I call you a carnivore.

Who always thinks of looking for meat.

Smell the smell of blood from a great distance.

Hearing screams groaning because of problems that do not stop.

Storing words, then spewing hate punches.

Right now, I call you a carnivore.

Look for a piece of meat by defeating a weak opponent

Stalking slowly of helpless prey

Weaken it and made lifeless.

New life starts from birth.

Human beings are just beginning to grow and mature

Grow and think to survive.

Time will tell, new men grow into what?

Is fanged and kills his neighbor.

Or be a loving human being in a wild life right now.



Poetry Messages

This poem expresses my feelings as a writer. about the current state of man. You can see on television and hear on the news broadcast. We as human beings feel to be beings who do not think about life. there are many conflicts everywhere. The strong will overcome the weak. Like the circumstances in a wild life.

Right now the fear comes with such a terrible situation happening around us. when the life you feel is peaceful and comfortable. you should be grateful not to experience the same thing in other areas of conflict.

The wild life I poured into the poem above becomes a simple message for you or me, to educate our children and grandchildren, to become human beings who think, gentle and loving to other human beings. Happy fighting for a better life.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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