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Wild Imagination Taking Severe Flights of Fancy

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Never have been one to think logically

Or in a very conventional manner

Rarely finish a book chronologically

Have a unique sense of organization

That would make most teachers cringe with fright

Thoughts scattered all over the place

Particularly across the Eastern seaboard

Nothing in any type of linear fashion

Literally a steam of consciousness personified

Worried about what comes next and beyond

When nothing has ever gone according to plan

That non-existent marriage proposal from a prince

Never came to fruition at all

Turned out they were a frog disguised as royalty

Not even a pauper came within miles of a dinner date

Locked in a windowless room pretending to have a future

Beyond the four walls the surrounded and encased this princess

Pretended that the future was within arm's length

Instead of millions of miles away from view

Transformed parents into more illustrious figures than they were

In reality, they were normal people trying to get by like rest of world

Giving them celebrity pedigrees and large bank accounts

Didn't disguise the truth from anyone

Least of all yourself

Creating whimsical relationships with people that won't happen

Ones that you'll never cross paths with in this life or the next

Networking with talented individuals who won't return your calls

Even drawing from a fictitious belief that musicality reigned in my blood

When the only minimal notes that can be made

Sounded like two cats fighting in an alleyway or strangling each other

Want to create a life in the real solid world

Scared of what horrific truth that will be found and exposed to all

That I'll never amount to much

Or that I'm destined to be alone

Wandering on an endless beach full of treasures

That can't be kept

It's a shame because they look too perfect

Maybe, I'll dream about them instead.

An adventure that looks too good to be true.

An adventure that looks too good to be true.

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