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Wild Grasses

From where you began to grow

I don't think you noticed

that the sun was smiling

he's glad you showed up

don't feel too shy to sway

your beautiful stalks

are impressive and outstanding

if you're grey

the quails in the bushes

will chant you

soft and cheerful lyrics.

Wild grasses don't be sad

try to look at the horizon

the meadows are turning gold

claim your prize

it worth a noble price

you served your purpose right

you have pleased

the hungry ruminants

of the Earth

from the moment you live

'til the time you passed away.

Don't frown

the world is watching you with glee

if they ripped you away

it's because they envied your fame

just stay humble

and enjoy your freedom

nothing compares

to your free spirit

you will forever be

my morning glory.

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