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Why the Neglect?

A thought is a sparkle to the soul, stimulating the subconscious. I'm an experienced poet that writes on life changing issues and topics.


Nature, the splendour of aesthetic life

Bringing itself to a stand still

In it, are clouds of activities like that

of the incessant chirps of birds

How often do we forget its innermost beauty?

Wrapping and drapping its diligent designs

into distress so soon

Why the neglect?


Sweet sour crown awaits the head of tomorrow

A present, bleak, it cowers to the lowland

What? Where? When? How? The enigmas cry

Frustration becomes a thorn in the flesh

Youthfulness needs answers, is it not impossible?

Why the neglect?


Spirit is within, whispering low

Now or never, humans propose, God disposes

To be dead is to be alive

A sweeping rain leaves nothing behind

But God, the apogee of all, is imbruing benison

Why the neglect?