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I am a creative who loves to create endless and timely literature and share it with the world. I live, love & yearn creativity.

V Bella Mary

V Bella Mary

Dear Vulnerable Black Girls

Dear Vulnerable Black Girls


Being me is hard, (5)

being my authentic self (7)

is hard, not easy. (5)

Trusting someone that you trust (7)

in your life is hard, (5)

I say the word "hard" because (7)

psychologically (6)

you're conditioned to be kind, (7)

be kind to others. (5)

Completely surrendering, (7)

letting your guard down (5)

in the hopes that someone would be friends with you (11)

making you feel that automatically (10)

you can fully trust them with your heart and soul, no doubt. (13)

But when, shit hits the fan (6)

and the very people who you call your friends (11)

decide to pack up, leave (6)

and take your secrets with them (7)

disregarding your trust (6)

even though you've took the time (7)

to get to know them, hmmm.... (6)

I wonder why? Why... (5)

I don't even fuck with you (7)

indefinitely. (5)

Your ass needs to stay far, far, (7)

far away from me (5)

indeed, no need to be nice. (7)

Cause bridges are burned (5)

lines are drawn, there's hell to pay (7)

don't play with my heart. (5)

Brene Brown Quote

Brene Brown Quote

70's pop Art

70's pop Art

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