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Why Am I Silent?

I am learning how to answer

I am all alone in the double on which I stand today, no one is mine.

I don't even want anyone to be mine because life is short.

I do not like to include anyone in my life unnecessarily.

What is the meaning of not visible to anyone even when you are standing with full existence.

To show off or to consider oneself as life is all deception.

And fall prey, to this deceit to the extent that I have become silent.

Why can someone be so cruel that he can hurt someone so much?

There was no sadness in every moment of happiness when I saw it when I went.

Now I know how selfish my own people are for myself

And mean people are so mean who are you after.

Whoever you asked is my own person who keeps me in possession.

Wasn't imagined it would happen but it was destiny.

There is a lot of sorrow in the mind, but what to do, how to remove the sorrows.

There is no trap stuck in the middle, which can cross.

Did not believe in anyone, lost faith in myself.

Then why should I believe in others and what will happen.

Where I am all alone,that who will support me.

Why should I go with the one who doesn't need Me?

I am weak, I am without support but I am self respecting.

Be self- sufficient in your own silence.

I never wanted anything but my own greed.

The mind goes for and wide and wants to accomplish a lot by itself.

But whatever I in today, the same mind is the same desire but the camp of bondage.

Today I feel like I can do it all in silence .

That my silence should be my weapon but is it possible.

Even being silent, no one should consider my fault.

One silence is better than a thousand wishes.

When there is nothing to say, then why attention to someone?

You would have been such that just by looking at it, you can say what is silent.

By testing the silence, tell the conditions of your heart.

Those who are worried about me are very much aware of my silence.

And no one who doesn't care about me is my own.

They are just people of pretentiousness who bring terror to hearts.

Want to make someone yours out of your fear.

Life does not grow in such a shadow and those desire become silent.

Hate and panic create hatred in good relationship.

No, relationships are not able to survive there and the sequence of debate goes on.

Loses everything when man is not there only pomp remains.

Everything gets ruined when someone makes a cruel attack on the hearts.

There is no longer any desire for anyone, everything turns in to hatred.

There is ruin in every way and no answer is in the strike.

So any answer is better than silence and a good weapon in front of anyone.

Loneliness is everywhere due to silence.

It is also good that there is no one in loneliness who has fear.

Live right like this sometime you will get rid of it.

In such loneliness, the shadow is with us, it will not go anywhere.

My shadow in loneliness but it is all silent and scattered the ocean of silence.

Even the sea is still calm in silence,but when it's tsunami comes.

Somebody's sigh or badass will take away everything and remain.

Silence spread everywhere quiet silence everywhere deep silence.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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