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Why Would Things Work For Me !!!

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My Wife Struggles With Balancing The Checkbook

I watch my wife as her nostrils flair

Why won't this balance ?

As she shakes her head in despair

I don't know

How can I help ?

The checkbook balanced the other day

Let me help you ?

Instead you verbally push me away

Nothing you do will make a difference

Another set of eyes may see what you miss

I know how to add and subtract

Sometimes if you add up from the bottom you may catch yourself and your mistake

Defiant and stubborn she keeps trying

Now you are pressing harder and harder on your keys

Don't do that

She is taking her anger out on the keyboard of the computer

If you break it

We will have to pay to replace it

Tuning me out even more

Why me ? Why me?

I tell you enough is enough

Put it down and pick it up later

Maybe you are tired

Do you want to do it ?

I will leave it for you

That is fine

I want you to stay with it

Then you can find your own mistake and then take all the credit

I carefully watch you

Being hot headed is not a good quality

Please stop with the atttude

My wife continues on her little rampage

All I can do is support her

Give her comfort and help her fix her dilemma

There is no need to lose your temper

Getting mad does nobody any good

I have been doing the checkbook for years

I can do it

I can do it too

I don't prefer too

Now that's done

My wife found her mistake

What was it ?

My wife quietly says I missed a withdrawal

Problem solved

Of course your not going to apologize for your actions

Then you act like as if nothing ever happened

Now you change the subject

Even though I am not done talking about what just happened

It's over

It's done

If we talk about it

Then we can handle it different in the future

No comment

Silence in the room

My wife still won't listen to logic

I am not blaming anyone

I am just trying to get to the root of the problem

My wife says enough

I drop the subject

I wonder why you have to be so snippy ?

Why is it such a sensitive subject

I know if I was doing the checkbook

I am sure I would have problems from time to time

No big deal

I would turn to you for help

Instead of acting all crazy

I am showing you how a little problem can escalate to something much bigger

When it didn't have to

That's all for now

Talk again when the burning hot coals have cooled

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