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Why We End up Doing What We Do

When We Are Capable Of So Much More

Maybe it is because we get comfortable

As much as things may be far from perfect

We often dream of a better job

We still go to work every day

Wishing and hoping for change

Then as if it was a surprise

Not a thing different happens

The same old thing

At other times

The shit hits the fan

What a mess

There is nothing holding me here

As I look closer

I see many ties

Ones that I did not see before

We leave our friends behind

Our old problems that we couldn't solve

Then again we become seasoned

As much as we say and do

We find a joy in this hell hole

Now I never found it that bad

Other people would dare to differ

I often remind myself

People come and go

I am here to stay

It can be like a prison

Where the door opens and shuts

You never leave

I like to think of it more of the Army

New recruits get trained

Some are bigger and better

Stronger than you

They end up at the front lines

It doesn't mean they are smarter than you

They may think they are

The proof is in the pudding

As my mother use to say

It comes out in the wash

Even though my mom was talking about

The Kleenex I left in one of my pockets

Now all the clothes are covered with white tissue

A real pain in the keister

My mom isn't happy

I figured out if that ever happens to you

Throw all the clothes in the dryer

Most of the tiny white particles ends up in the lint dryer

A good ending after all

© 2022 DREAM ON

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