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Why To Be With Them?

Jheanne has been a Full Time Employee at a Private Company for almost Three Years.

Family, A Treasure to be Kept


As time stops, no song of tacks and ticks,

Bittersweet memories begun to reminisce,

Hoped can be erased, prayed it doesn't exists,

How can I forget, Just tell me how, Please?

One day I asked you father,

Can you stop that habit of yours?

Oh Come on! Beer as Water? There's no free Liver at all!

Cursed you, asked God, Why have a father like you?

I hated you, most especially your gold eyes,

For love of money, you did everything to catch the prize,

I just did realize that you can't sympathize; Coz your heart is just as cold as ice.

Cursed you, asked God, Why have a mother like you?

I thought it would be just the only me?

But why do there's three attention seeker buzzing bees?

Just got they murdered in my mind, the way I like them how to die,

Cursed them, asked God, Why have siblings like them?

I asked HIM, "Why do I have to be in that family?"

Just said, "DAUGHTER, I believe that among all, it is YOU who can handle, understand, care, change and above all, it is JUST YOU who can love them the way I died for them."

That dream of mine, suddenly hammered my mind,

Am I being too much to be their own?

I woke up with a teary eye and heavy feeling,

Praying that Nothing might happen the way what I'm just thinking.

Above all, God believes in the ability of this bad ass girl,

That's why he played a trick and got me with my family.

© 2017 Jeane Jeane

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