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"Why the Ocean Is Blue" a poem about the sadness of the ocean and a mysterious child

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Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Why the Ocean is Blue?

Serene of ocean shrouded in blue.

Hear the song of its crestfallen too.

I might drown in the depths of its madness.

But the rhythm of its waves heals my sadness.

The night sky saw the pain of the ocean, why?

And the stars remain silent when its song passes by.

Sometimes I hear the ocean's telling a story.

The deepest secret that makes my heart worry.

A thousand nights and a thousand days.

I listened to the word it say.

Until the day our song will rhyme.

I'll wait beside the ocean until the edge of time.

I know the ocean know me too.

We both felt there was something new.

One day I come close to the ocean ask why?

The pain and suffering the reason why it cry.

I saw the ocean smile in the night sky blue.

And it reply "The reason was you".

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