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Why Sleep?


Our Cat Charlotte Turned Into A Live Nightmare

I am concerned about the rain

I was tired and realized there is nothing else I can do

Going to bed early was a good idea

Little did I know

Our lovely cat Charlotte had other plans

If there was something to destroy she found it

At one point she started scratching at a pile of books

Until they fell like building blocks

One by one

She wanted to be patted

That's o.k.

She usually falls asleep under my arm after fifteen minutes

Both of us of to dream land

At least that is what I thought

My wife came to bed

I rolled over to snuggle her

Shortly after Charlotte decided to jump up and get out of bed

That began her night/morning rage of terror

Of clawing under the bed

Which she rarely did

Coming up over our heads and knocking things off our nightstand

Scratching our headboard

Just out of poopy box

Racing from room to room

We are used to usual antics

What could be on her mind?

I gave her extra food

New water

She wouldn't have any of it

What is wrong girl?

I had no clue

We might have to cut her nails?

I thought we just did them

I can't think

I don't know

We called her into bed

She would lay down for a little bit then she put her paw up

There is something on her mind

The numbers on the clock still changing

How nice it is 6:30

Time to get up

An early day today

How nice

Charlotte now came up beside me to lay on the chair

I am on the laptop

Now getting ready for work

Off to nap land she goes

I should disturb her

Nudge and wake her every five minutes

I couldn't be that mean

I would like to be

Instead, I patted her on her head

All during the early morning hours

She would come up and lick my face

Then the next moment act like a cat on cocaine

I feel bad for my wife

She has to get up too

She rolls over and curses into her pillow

Now I know why I dislike drugs so much

There is nothing you can do

Hyper, hyper, hyper

To the extreme

Now I will try to get some sleep at work

At least that is my plan

I know that won't happen

At least I will be busy

Enough to keep my mind off everything else

I am glad I don't work heavy machinery

I do have to drive to work

I will drive careful

Especially because the ground is wet

Maybe a little slower than usual

Wishing everyone else a fun day

Even if my morning started off rough

My eyes may be bloodshot and I may be a little cranky

I am still making dreams

Of good thoughts and wonderful times to come


DREAM ON (author) on May 05, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE It makes me really appreciate a good night's sleep. Work went well at least what I remember of it. I had to laugh our cat had a temper tantrum. All the activity was a way of working out her emotional attitude because she doesn't meow. I had a plan but it was thrown into the wind. Times like this make me dig inside my gut to find new meanings. Inspiration runs deep. I love the way your mind thinks. I think she had both scenarios because the next night she acted the same way all over again. (lol) Some things are easy that I don't think about like going to sleep. There are many people that have trouble sleeping every night. It is amazing how it can take a toll on your day. Our cat Charlotte is sleeping real nice in our bed right now. Thank you so much for all your comments and ideas. Have a great day today. May it be filled with love.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 04, 2021:

Dream on

Oh how I hate nights like that!

Charlotte must have had a trip back to her childhood where she thought she was young and spry.

Catching a mouse or taunting another cat.

Maybe she's gotten a ghost kitty cat as a playmate...lol. there goes that silly brain of mine thinking out loud.

Take care & I hope you and your wife get some well deserved rest.

As for Charlotte...i doubt she would wake up even if you tried. Kittys have that knack. A mood all their own.

DREAM ON (author) on May 04, 2021:

Mr. Happy You mentioned how dogs are pretty incredible in so many ways. So loyal to their owners. In many ways so superior to cats. How they will do anything for them. Too bad people don't show the same love toward their animals. 1.5 million sheltered animals are euthanized every year. That is 670,000 dogs (man's best friend). It seems a little one-sided. If dogs are so good why do people abandon them? Maybe the dogs are too kind and loyal to people who don't really care? All I can say is my cat Charlotte is a wonderful pet. She has her own quirks like people. Maybe dogs are smarter than cats but both pets can be lovely companions. May we always take care of and love our pets the way they should be treated. It might just be raining cats and dogs for a reason. Cats come first.(lol) I always love your opinion and your views. It makes the world go round. Have a great day. My cat slept through my whole comment and could careless what I really thought.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on May 02, 2021:

Haha!! I poked the bear, huh?

Let's not go into what wolves dare to do. ; )

All I am saying is that there is a big difference between the companion-ship of a dog, which knows what partnership means and cats which are more solitary creatures and thus, selfish.

I worked with a K-9 Unit for some years, I trained dogs privately and owned a dog myself for over 14 years. I train the dogs, not ther other way around. In the morning the dog goes out when I wake up, not when I am sleeping. At night, the dog goes out before I go to bed, not after. I make the schedule and the dog adapts.

I do not leave a dog for a week alone because if I decide to be with a dog, we are partners. Partners go together and do things together.

"I know a few dogs in my time that have gone out in the rain and what do they do? You guessed it. They rolled around in the mud." - They roll in more than mud. Hunting dogs will roll in carcasses if found in the wild and if no carcasses around they will roll in poo. That is done because hunting dogs have hunting instincts so, rolling in a very smelly odor masks their own smell from the prey and thus, they can hunt successfully.

A partner understand this and doesn't get upset. Just like a cat owner is okay with having cat poo in the house, haha!! *wink*

All fun and games! I find cat and dog owners have quite different personalities. I hike. No cat would hike with me. I ride a bike. The dog runs along me riding the bike. I go fishing. The dog comes with me. I go grocery shopping. The dog comes with me and when at the store's doors I would say: "Sit and wait." No leash, no tying anyone up, the dog sits alone until I exist the doors of the grocery store: "partnership".

Alrighty, all the very best to You and your furry!

DREAM ON (author) on May 02, 2021:

Ann Carr She is back to her lovable self. Sleeping on our bed. Doing what she does best. We thought it might have been the dry cat food we were giving her. It has salmon in it. She doesn't like it at all. We give her Friskies Tender Crunch it has chicken and beef in it. She loves it so much better. Maybe it was the rain too. We were gone for the night and I think it could have been all three. A triple play. She is used to being home with my wife every day now since the Pandemic. Maybe it was her way of saying I miss you so much and don't do that again. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Have a lovely Sunday.

Ann Carr from SW England on May 02, 2021:

Poor Charlotte and poor you! She must've been spooked by something. Maybe it was the rain? Cats don't like water, do they?

I do like cats and have had a couple, but I must admit I prefer dogs. They are less snooty and self-centred, though we had one cat which was really affectionate and never destructive.

I hope she's calmed down now!


DREAM ON (author) on May 02, 2021:

Mr. Happy you bring up many interesting points. Some seem valid some are a little bit flimsy at best. Cats are a handful which I will admit. Now, who is kidding who? Dogs have trained you. When dogs have to go the bathroom you have to let them out of the house to do their business, don't you? No matter if it is in the middle of the night? Raining outside or snowing? Then who has to go out then or later and clean up their mess? Let's see my cat will go in a cat box and I do have to clean it later but I can just throw it all out and start fresh. Cats cover their mess. Dogs leave it for other people to step in. Our cat can be left alone for a week with enough food and water. Try that with your dog anytime and see what a problem you will have? I want to see that video? Mess all around the house and the poor dog would probably eat all the food you leave in one night. Now since we are talking about smart dogs let's talk about how many emergency visits pet owners or dog lovers have made because these smart dogs have chewed up the cushion,shoe, ripped up a carpet, chewed on a door, or got into the garbage can and ate all kinds of nasty things. By the way, a cat would never even touch or consider because they know how stupid it is. Cats constantly clean themselves. Dogs beg for their owners to give them baths. I have seen dogs drool all over themselves and wipe it on everything and everyone they meet. While we are on the subject let's talk about dog breath. Pretty nasty. Now that I am on a roll. I know a few dogs in my time that have gone out in the rain and what do they do? You guessed it. They rolled around in the mud. What else you ask? Yes, they stepped in their own doggie mess. Do you want me to continue? I love dogs too. They are lovable. They also have many crazy bad habits. For one, they have way too much hair that gets everywhere. Two, they jump all over you if you like it or not. Three; they are loud and some bark for absolutely no reason. I will go as far as to say your profile picture is something really cool. But I don't know one cat that is stupid enough to chase a dumb stick over and over and bring it back to it's let us say not so bright owner. Just some food for thought on an early Sunday morning. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. I really do appreciate it. I think I will hug my cat one more time today. I know dog owners won't give up their dogs because their dogs have trained them to think of a dog is man's best friend. I think it is the other way around a man is a dog's best friend. (lol) All in fun. Where would we be without our crazy pets? We would both be living a pretty ordinary life. Feel free to respond and continue if you dare?

DREAM ON (author) on May 02, 2021:

DW Davis Our cat exactly. They have a mind of their own. She can be the most lovable and yet a real handful when something is on her mind. I would love to hear of other good memories I am sure we both can relate to. Thank you for taking the time to write and share. Cats really are a rare breed. Have an awesome day.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on May 01, 2021:

"act like a cat on cocaine" - never seen a cat on cocaine. I've seen cats on cat-nip and that is bad enough. A cat on cocaine is a nightmare I don't even want to lightly contemplate. Haha!!

"Now I know why I dislike drugs so much" - Ohh come one now! It's the cat, not drugs. Cats are not nice. I mean, okay I am a wolf and thus a tad biased but what are cats good for? If You have mice, I understand but even then, get a Terrier. That will be the end of mice and nobody will be bothering You. Why? Because dogs are nice. They are compassionate, carrying, happy to join You in whatever You are doing. They know what "partnership" means. : )

Haha!! I have no clue why people put-up with cats but hey: to each their own! (Let the cat go. Send it to the forest where it belongs lolol)

Best of luck since I know that cat ain't going anywhere! (It's trained You well. Cats are amazing at training humans, that I have to admit.)

P.S. Maybe shut the door to the bedroom and leave it on the other side of the door while You try to get some shut eye.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on May 01, 2021:

Your cat's antics remind me of a cat my family had when I was a teenager. At night, she wanted to get into any room with a closed door and would scratch and meowl until you got up to let her. Once in, she would jump on the bed, walkabout for a while, insist on being petted , and then leave, only to return later in the night to do it all over again.

Thanks for the memory.


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