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Why Sleep?

Our Cat Charlotte Turned Into A Live Nightmare

I am concerned about the rain

I was tired and realized there is nothing else I can do

Going to bed early was a good idea

Little did I know

Our lovely cat Charlotte had other plans

If there was something to destroy she found it

At one point she started scratching at a pile of books

Until they fell like building blocks

One by one

She wanted to be patted

That's o.k.

She usually falls asleep under my arm after fifteen minutes

Both of us of to dream land

At least that is what I thought

My wife came to bed

I rolled over to snuggle her

Shortly after Charlotte decided to jump up and get out of bed

That began her night/morning rage of terror

Of clawing under the bed

Which she rarely did

Coming up over our heads and knocking things off our nightstand

Scratching our headboard

Just out of poopy box

Racing from room to room

We are used to usual antics

What could be on her mind?

I gave her extra food

New water

She wouldn't have any of it

What is wrong girl?

I had no clue

We might have to cut her nails?

I thought we just did them

I can't think

I don't know

We called her into bed

She would lay down for a little bit then she put her paw up

There is something on her mind

The numbers on the clock still changing

How nice it is 6:30

Time to get up

An early day today

How nice

Charlotte now came up beside me to lay on the chair

I am on the laptop

Now getting ready for work

Off to nap land she goes

I should disturb her

Nudge and wake her every five minutes

I couldn't be that mean

I would like to be

Instead, I patted her on her head

All during the early morning hours

She would come up and lick my face

Then the next moment act like a cat on cocaine

I feel bad for my wife

She has to get up too

She rolls over and curses into her pillow

Now I know why I dislike drugs so much

There is nothing you can do

Hyper, hyper, hyper

To the extreme

Now I will try to get some sleep at work

At least that is my plan

I know that won't happen

At least I will be busy

Enough to keep my mind off everything else

I am glad I don't work heavy machinery

I do have to drive to work

I will drive careful

Especially because the ground is wet

Maybe a little slower than usual

Wishing everyone else a fun day

Even if my morning started off rough

My eyes may be bloodshot and I may be a little cranky

I am still making dreams

Of good thoughts and wonderful times to come

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