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Why She Turned A Beggar

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has been duping

People for long, but

His wife does not

Know this because

He used to cover

His tracks well. When

His wife raises issues

Relating to this with him

He has ready made

Answers for her to

Silence her and dissuade

Her from believing

What people are saying

About him because people

Do not want it

Well with anyone.

They are jealous me

My achievements he would

Tell his wife. After

The third time that

Her wife would raise

Such issue with him

With him denouncing it

She also believed him

And stopped asking him

Questions relating to that

For what is the

Benefit of being married

To someone when you

Cannot trust the person

When one chooses to

Trust outsiders more than one’s spouse

It makes sense. Trouble

Looms in the family

And it would happen

In no distant time.

The basis of relationship

Whether business or otherwise

Is ensuring that one

Gets involved with someone

Whom one can trust.

And this is particularly

True of love relationship,

True of those who

Look forward to being

Married to each other

In no distant time.

Because when one becomes

Married, according to the

Culture of the land

And some religious beliefs,

There is no going back

Marriage is said to

Be like vehicle which

Has all the gears

For its movement.

The contrary thing about

Marriage vehicle is that

It does not have

Reverse gear, that

Is what they used

To say, the best

Thing for anyone therefore

Is to look before he or she leaps

One must think deeply

Before taken the step

And this step essentially

Is based on trust.

How well can you

Trust the person you

Want to be involved

With. If you can’t

Trust the person implicitly

Then it is of

No use getting romantically

Involved with the person

She thought about this

And says, it is

Because I know I

Can trust him that was why


I become romantically involved

With him in the

First instance, and now

That his integrity is being questioned

By people it is

Me, his wife that

Must be there for

Him, I am the one

That should be defending

Him, his course and

Shouldn’t listen to hearsay

The rumor mongers they

Are out to destroy

Good things, they would

Neither solidify, nor consolidate

Relationship, what they will do

Is cause separation among

Partners, lovers, especially when

They discovered that both

Love birds are heads over heels in love

With each other. She

Thus, brushed aside their

Words and keep her

Love in her view

Trusting him now is

Nonnegotiable. Thus, she did

Not bother to raise

The issue with him again

All she was saying

To him subsequently afterwards

Was that becareful of

Your dealings with people

Having known now that

People do not want

Your progress, you should

Endeavor to be doing

A neat job, clear

Job with people to

Make you standout and

Stand tall among all

Your contemporaries she would

Say to him. While

He will equally appreciate

Him for being such

A loving and a caring

Partner, a partner that

Is always there for

Me. Thanks for being there!

Things continue as they

Were with people still

Insinuating that her husband

Is cunny and dubious.

It has been a while

That one of the

Close associates of her

Father has been telling

Her that he wants to

Know her husband, for

When they wedded, he

Was not around then

Now that he is

Around before he leaves

He desires to know

Him. She has been

Telling him that they

Will come and pay

Him a visit before

He travels again.

The arrangement of visiting

The man was concluded

And they left for

The man’s place.

They were warmly received

By the man. During

The course of their

Interaction, the man got

To know that her

Husband is into estate

Management. And the man

Wishes to hand over


Some of his properties

To him to be acting

On his behalf since most

Of his works now are outside the town

She was elated to

Hear this and so is

Her husband. The following

Day the man took her hubby

To those places where

His properties were and

Wanting him to be managing

Them for him till he returns.

Three months after the

Man traveled out of

The town, he was

Introduced to a business

Where he was, but

The money on him

Could not execute to completion

The project, thus, he phoned

The husband of the

Lady that he should

Help him sell some

Of the properties to raise

Money to execute the

Project. The man having

Been known find buyers to

Those properties and they were bought

He was expecting the

Money, but the money

Wasn’t forthcoming and

What he kept telling him

He has not seen

Buyers to the properties.

This forced the man

To go and take loan

From the bank to

Execute the project. After

Signing the deal for

The project he returned

Home to see his

Estates and to look

For people to buy it

Directly from him

But on getting home

He was shocked to

Discover that the man

Has sold the properties

But he failed to remit

The money to him.

This pained the man

Severely such that he has to

Call the law enforcement

Agencies to help him

Take the money from

The man. But despite all they did

The man could not

Produce the money. And

The case was charged to

Court. The judge says

The man is dangerous,

Dubious, and his is a fraud

His fraud is called

Money advance payment, also known as “419”

However, the continuing plea

Of this man was that

He was also duped

By those people and he

Did not know how

It happened. The judge

Would not listen to this

He should pay the man

His money if he

Does not want to be

Sentenced. He would serve

Jail term and would still pay the money

When the wife heard

This that was when she

Knows that she is in

Trouble. Then she knows that

All that people have

Been saying about her

Husband was after all

True. What could she do?

She has sleepless nights

Over this, and because

She does not want

Him to go to prison

She resolved that she

Would leave the town

To look for money for

Her husband.

A thought that came

To her mind was to

Go to the most populous

Town in the country

And pose as a person

Who is in trouble there

And be begging for

Alms from people.

The custom and culture

Of their land still allow

For beggars around the

Streets, for people believe

Helping those people would

Also make God to

Have mercy on them

Those beggars were mostly

Used by politicians, religion bigots and

Other people seeking for

Positions of authorities in

The town and country.

When she got to

The town, she started

Saying her husband is

Sick and need millions

To operate him, that

People should have mercy

On her, because she does

Not want to become a widow

At that prime age

Of hers. She will

Put on dirty clothes

And go from one place to another

People started responding to

Her, and when that

Happens she would take

The money to bank

Through this she was

Able to raise money

For her husband to

Pay us the man.

After the loan has

Been paid, the woman

Went to court and

File for divorce.

People were surprised that

She could divorce him.

They asked her why

Going to that length

When she knows she

Would divorce him. She

Said she did that

Primarily for her children

So that their father

Would not be called

Former convict and secondarily

To silence people

Because people would say

When things were going

Smoothly she did not

Divorce him, it is

When problem arose that

She divorced him. People

Cannot but look at

Her and couldn’t say anything

Now that I know

The truth in a hard

Way, I want to

Have peace for myself

I do not want

People to think I

Have been a part to

All his malfeasance all this while, she said as a word of finality.