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Why Do People Love?

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What Were You Thinking?

Maybe we think alike?

It makes me feel passionate about the next thing I do

The love slowly spreads to all other areas of my life

Then no matter what life throws at me

I am having the best day ever

There is so much good in every moment

The bad no matter how awful it can be

Is only the smallest, tinniest fraction compared all the wonderful emotions we actually have

I often feel life is like an old 25th anniversary sterling silver silverware set

That is dull and unattractive

Pushed way in back in a kitchen cabnet

Covered in plastic

Forgotten about for years

First you have to want to pull it out

Then you have to take the time

Cleaning by hand

it goes by so slow

As much as you want to speed it up

You can't

You polish and shine it for hours

Then you see a glimpse of hope

As a beautiful shine comes back

So begin as I do

Transforming my old into something new

It is easy to talk it up

The real challenge is in the doing

Then when all is said and done

We can think of the time we cursed and our fingers hurt

How we made it happen

We now love what we are doing

As someone younger might say

I feel wicked good

In my perspective

I wrap around each feeling

Lovely as life should be

Experiencing the small setbacks

Made us appreciate every new moment

I was there

Living and creating every action

To reinforce the good and use the bad

As a stepping stone for more good to follow

It can be the foundation

Going so deep

That few people will ever know

The deep underground

Leaving the good to be spotted from miles away

Breathless and I can relax for a little bit

Until my next project

As imaginary personal awards lie deep in my brain

They are all my fantastic thoughts

That one day

Someone with lots of talent

Will find a real solution

To an old problem

Most people feel but don't want to tackle

How to make it happen

A way to create pictures with feelings

So we can go back and relive them over and over

I want to be that person

Once again my dreams are larger than life

Only time will tell

When all our beautiful thoughts

Can be found real easy

Like picking out a bunch of bannanas

You can get a small bunch or a larger one if you desire

Each bunch is special and unique for everyone

You can get the really ripe ones

That you have to use today

The bannanas that will rippen in a couple of days

Then again go for it

Buy a mixed bunch

A little of everything

Pick up the green bannanas that will rippen over time

They won't be ready for a few days or even a week

We have to keep checking them every day

If we are not careful

Even the good bannanas

Will go bad

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