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Why Now,Why Me, Just Leave Me Be

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I Have Been Here For Many Years

Everyone else living their life

I am cut off from the world

It bothers me none

From this is where I started

This is where I belong

It's not like I had a choice

I see the world

People walk and pass me by

People talk and pay no attention

To anything but them

The weather changes all the time

I love the sun

I feel inspired by the rain

The wind excites me

When the cold weather comes

There is nothing like amazing icicles hanging

Then we have the snow

That covers me like a large white sock

From head to toe

Some people would say I am too large to move

Other people think I am stuck

This is what I think

I enjoy the world even though it can be hard and rough

There are times people complain and curse

For what I wonder

It is what it is and there is no sense in it

It is like being mad at the thunder

Then scared of lightning

For which we have no control

We feel the age of time leave its mark

Once we were sharp and had an edge

Now we are worn

Smooth from here on out

If you so desire

I can be crushed into tiny little pieces

To serve for a different purpose

One day I may be forgotten

But today I rock

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