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Why Must You Wake me Up ?

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I Was Sleeping So Nice

Dreaming some pretty amazing things

With my eyes shut

I am at complete peace

Charlotte our cat insists she has to tell or show me something

Before this very moment

Not a care or worry comes to mind

Food or work is not even in my thoughts

I know my wife and cat Charlotte are in good hands

I know there will be a day

That will be so much different than today

Now awake I pray

Thank God for giving me this day

Where I can reflect on life

Not wishing it to be different

Simply appreciating it for what it is

I am in great health

Both mind and in body

I feel the love

My home is both warm and inviting

The wind has picked up outside and the cold air is constantly present

The thermometer reads ten below

There is no place I have to be

Although it is 5:02 in the morning

I grab a bowl of Golden Grahams cereal

My comfort food

With each mouthful

I am pleasantly teased

The milk and the cinnamon combination

Go so well together

I wonder about life everywhere else but here

There are so many people that struggle from day to day

Dealing with one crisis after another

I have had my share of tough days too

Not without a break

A heavenly break

I call a wonderful peace of quiet

Sweet bed rest

Where both my mind and body can rejuvenate

Recycling the good days in my life only to make them better

There is great beauty in every moment

We are so quickly to jump to so many other conclusions

Our mind playing tricks on us

For what reason would it have ?

I can only imagine and am left to think

Our mind does it's personal best

Summing up all the days that we have lived

Then processes them like a food processor

The outcome you desire

Is not what you expect

But what has been blended and mixed together

It believes you can't have what you don't already have

I think it should trade in the fancy world processor

It should be smart enough to have two blenders instead

One for everything good in your life

One for all the things that you struggle with understanding

The good produces only a product of more good

While the complicated keeps on blending until it makes perfect sense

This way we have the life we always wanted

Because we live it every day

We are not out to change the world

To make it what we think it should be

We only change ourselves to appreciate every moment

In a perfect light

One that guides us to the love that we have and one will see much more of

Just because

We are willing to ask and receive

Because love does not give to one by taking from another

It gives to all

In a splendid way

So we all can enjoy this day

In sweet harmony

Together forever

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