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Why Life is so Cruel

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Why Life is so cruel

Never thought how life could be

As journey continues day by day

Each steps seems like in a wrong way

Why does it happen to me?

Every moment, never realize

That the soul seems like paralize

Cannot move and wanted to cry

However, tears seems like dry.

Ahh...head is like spinning

Brain is swirling like a hurricane

This heart is much aching

why all of these things are happenning?

Don't know what to do

Direction of this life seems like limbo

Nowhere and oh,, nowhere to go

Sometimes, I wanna blame but who?

Myself? oh, it's myself only...

Try to understand what's going on with me

Wanted to go forward and back as I used to be

Somehow, this agony will be gone I pray.


Be Positive, Be Happy

Life for me seems always unfair because even if I'm trying to work hard, it seems that I did not go forward, it appears that everything I did were just bouncing like a ball and I did not get nowhere.

Despite of everything I've gone through, I have to continue this life for my love ones, my children and everybody that cares for me specially my mother. I know that, these are all trials and these obstacles will come to an end. What can I do is to hold on tight on my faith and never stop believing because life is so beautiful and life is a priceless gift from Heaven above.

I have to be happy and stay positive, I believe that one of days, God will provide me a better future and a true happiness and I am praying to wait for that moment to come sooner or later in God's perfect timing.


For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. How to motivate yourself when you feel useless?
    • Pray to God and believing that everything happens for a reason.
    • Love yourself
    • Do not compare yourself to others
    • Embrace and don't expect the outcome


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. How to motivate yourself when you feel useless?
    • Pray to God and believing that everything happens for a reason.: +0 points
    • Love yourself: +0 points
    • Do not compare yourself to others: +0 points
    • Embrace and don't expect the outcome: +0 points

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