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Why Is The Feeling Different This Time?

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


I wasn’t looking at her for the first time

But why the feeling is different this time

I have talked to her earlier many times

But the butterflies in my stomach have created havoc this time

I am friends with her for so many days

But why do I listen to her carefully and seriously when she talks these days

I have had great moments with her as I have with my other friends

But why do I notice and feel differently when she touches me these days

I have a lot of memories of her in my mind like I have those of my other friends

But why do I keep thinking at nights about the time I have spent with her during the day-time

I don’t care too much about others around me

But why do my heart and mind play games with me when I don’t find her around me

I am usually very sweet and nice to everyone

But why am I having problems these days when I see her hanging out with other guys

I have always felt cool when she is around

But why is the feeling different this time?

© 2021 Abhisek Nayak