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I Love You, Goodbye

Jheanne has been a Full Time Employee at a Private Company for almost Three Years.


It started with a simple HI, but it ended with a painful GOODBYE.

He was the one who first noticed me.

He said Hi to me and I answered Back with a Joyous Hi too.

We've exchanged Conversations,Days, Weeks and even Months.

With Simple exchange of texts and dates, I fell in love with him.

I fell inlove to the point that I want him to be my future husband.

I see myself waking up beside him.

Making him a cup of coffee every morning.

And I see myself having babies with him.

But what had happened to us?

Proofreading with our old Convos made my Heart in so much pain.

We were such a Happy Couple way way back.

But, in single glimpse, everything turned to the other way around.

There's that scenario that made us separate for good.

At first, I don't want him to let me go.

But, what will I do?

Until I made up my mind.

I need to let him go, I need to set him free.

Letting him go doesnt mean I dont love him anymore.

It just means that, I dont want to be selfish. I dont want him to choose between me and the other party.

I dont want him to give him reasons to hate me.

If letting him go would make him happy, Im ready.

Yes, It hurts to let go, but it hurts more when we are still holding on.

Im ready to take the pain he will cause me in the future.

Eventhough I cant handle it, I WILL Make it through.

That's how I love him.

Im willing to Set Him free.

To make him Happy, eventhough Im not the reason now.

I know in God's Time. If, we were destined to be, God will find ways to bring us back.

I trust God. I trust him and I thank him because among others, he chose me to be in this painful Situation, because I know he believes that I can HANDLE it and get through it.

To the Guy I love the Most:

Mahal (Love),

I hope you're happy with your new journey now. Dont forget to bring your umbrella always. Just Pray and Pray. Its been months since weve broke up but still, My love for you will never fade. You put smile on my Face and at the same time, you Brought tears to my Cheeks. Dont worry too much, Maybe on the right time. My heart will be at ease and will be free from Pain. But it doesnt mean, I dont Love you anymore. Missing you so much. I miss your kissess, hugs and Most of all Its YOU that I had missed so much.

I Love you So much. I really Do.

I love you so much that's why I need to let you go......

© 2017 Jeane Jeane

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