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Why I Stay

I’m not sure my eyes and my hands are enough
Would it be my lips alone takes you down the road
Away from burning fields of memories in the way
They won’t take no but you can’t bring them home
No you can’t bring them, they might want to stay

You might go back there listening to an old song
Let me write you a new one, it’s not so hard for me
I don’t have to sit in a café or somewhere along the way
Can you see the rain, it’s not a feeling of loneliness
I want to run through it, maybe the clouds will stay

There is no monument left for me to cry over
The shadows have bathed them fully in place
I’m not going to possess anything, not that way
I want you to be something of yourself, if not all
While my whispering voice begs you to stay

Tell me all about yourself, but make it no confession
It’s how you felt, long ago, beside a river, inside a church
A pretty white dress, your mother showing you the way
To live between the forest’s faith and the ocean’s heart
I feel the strength in you, that’s what told me to stay

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