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Why I Have To Drink

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The Best Thing Of All

Our body is made up to sixty- percent water

The brain and heart our seventy-three percent

The lungs our eighty-three percent

The skin is sixty-four percent

The muscle and kidneys our seventy-nine percent

Even our bones our thirty-one percent

I have to be crazy not to drink water

There are days I don't think of drinking

Other times I might get a glass or two

Studies show the average person should drink eight, eight ounces glasses a day

In work, I had access to soda

So for years all I did is drink every flavor

Coke, Orange, Sprite, Gingerale, Root Beer, Diet Coke

Then I became creative

I would mix different combinations of each and then would blend to a funny color

I called it a rainbow drink

When I met my wife she explained how bad soda is for us

All sugar

She soon stopped drinking it

Then I followed

Ice tea

I turned to Poweraid drinks and Hi-C

Still not the best

I turned to orange and apple juice and chocolate milk

Finally, just plain water

It has been a journey

Almost forty- years of change

I don't miss soda any more

The bubbles bother me

Now when I even have Ice Tea

It is too sweet for me

So here I sit

Pouring a nice tall glass of cold water

Now I hear

Drinking warm water is better than cold water

It helps aid digestion and circulation and gets rid of toxins faster

So once again another curveball

Just when I begin to figure things out

I find some new news

The bottom line drink water and be healthier

The more we do it

The better we are

One simple step every day

Can help us in many ways

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