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Why I Need to Stay Away

Once again writing down my thoughts for my own Cognitive Behavioral Therapy!


Cut off all ties

Get rid of the emotional response

Be more Realistic

He’s all about himself

Why he cries I couldn’t tell

He knows very little of me

Because he’s never cared

To know me more

He’s always kept his distance

Emotionally and physically

It’s always served him well

Angry for his own needs

Doesn’t know ​that ​I have ​needs​ too

He’s told me as much

More than once

He only remembers what he wills

And only in the way that he wills it

And rarely in the way that it ​a​ctually occurred

Especially if the truth

​D​oes not serve his own emotional needs

Because they are certainly more important than mine

( It’s been proven over time)

His thoughts are better than mine

(funny that I even tried)

I felt pushed out by negativity

Nothing was what it was supposed to be​

I put on a face (and no one knew)

Maintaining my place (which I was taught to do)

Trying to stay in the good graces

Of my intimidators

I'm glad I finally left


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