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Why I Married Him #3

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He thanked me for this as we parted that day. Since then my mind has been glued to him

Someone, he has something special that not many people know, neither have I known the

Thing either. Deep within me I know that what he has is not associated with his work it is

Deeper than that, yet I cannot fix it. Well, I continued with him anyway, and he seems

Happy whenever he sees me around him. The same thing with me, I know I am always happy

When I am with him it is always my desire to be where he is at any time. This continued for a

While and then he asks me out. I do not hesitate to accept the proposal because that has

Been my dream, I am not growing any younger and I need a man in my life, I have to break

Away from the shackles of restrictions that my parents have placed on me, I am sure that no

One can do this for me if I do not do it for myself, and having seen the opportunity to

Break off, what am I still waiting for? I do not have to wait for anything again. As we started

Seeing then I started studying him on a deeper level, now, we have gotten intimate,

Romantically involved and this is different from work friendship which we have been

Sharing with each other before. Now we need to know our likes and dislikes, our tastes, to

Really assess ourselves to know what whether we are really compatible or nay. As a matured

Man who has seen more of the world than I do, he has showered on me unrestricted love

And has told me what he expects of me, for me because I have not been romantically

Involved with men before, overlooks some things, but he used to tell me that I do not have to

Overlook those things, for I need to be doing them. those things which he tells me not to

Be overlooking sometimes, I used to forget them and would still think that I am single and

Unattached. After a while I will discover my mistakes because what he used to do he will not

Do when I have grieved his heart of love. On noticing that he has ignored doing what he

Used to do, then I will check my ways that day and would know that I have crossed the

Boundaries. How would I make this up? I will start thinking to myself. Then when I come out


Of my shell to go to him apologizing to him he will warmly embrace me, telling me that

He is not angry with me, but always looks forward to us having the best romantic relationship

Ever. When some ladies complain of their spouses of his action to them, I cannot complain

About that of him for he is really given me his best. Then I know it is me that needs to

Work on myself, I am the one who actually has to know that I am no longer a single lady, but

That I have been engaged with a loving, caring, admiring partner and should change myself

To that form and leave the earlier form and disposition that I have been. He has not

Changed a bit since the time we have come together, if I do anything that he does not like I

Will know even few hours after doing the thing, because there are things he used to do

Regularly, and immediately I noticed that he has not done that which he ought to do

During an hour, I will reevaluate the past and would discover that I am the one who have

Omitted something which I should do, and because I have omitted to do that, he has also omit

His part and if that is resolved all would fall back into its place. It is because it is easier

For me to know when he is annoyed that I have decided to marry him unlike some men who

Will keep the errors of their spouses to them, brooding over it like a hen, he would not do

That, any second that he notices lapses it will reflect in his reaction to me. Having known

His character, I have discovered that there is no other male who could give me happiness

Other than him, thence, I decided to get married to him.