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Why I Married Him #2

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The work we were sent to execute outside the island, after the successful execution of the

Project, our leader speaks to us that he is the one who shall analyze the result of our findings

In the island we have went to, for he is the best statistical analyst in the establishment now.

On getting to the island our leader has taken the data to him for analysis and through this I

Find a means to get close to him because I used to check on him at intervals to ask from him

How far about the analysis, which he will tell me that it is in progress and that we have not

Arranged the data well in a means that the application he wants to use will understand,

Thence, he needs to rearrange them before inputting them into the application for correct

Analysis to be done. I have offered to assist him in rearranging the data because I have been a

Part of the team that went for the project and he has appreciated this, and we divided the

Data among ourselves. It was during this period that we started interacting. On completing

The portion he has given me, and discovering that he is yet to even open the portion he has

Given himself, because he has many other works and analysis he is doing which has

Stopped him from getting this done, I asked if I can copy the rest data and get it arranged for

Him to make the work faster. He was happy to hear this telling me that, you can now see

What I am facing in my department, that some people within the establishment will be

Angry with me and shouting on me that why have I not completed the work I have been

Given to do. I replied that I can see that. Except I have come here, I would not know this. I

Replied him adding that, until some of those people within the establishment also see

What you are passing through in compiling those data, they will not appreciate your works

And would continue to shout on you thinking as if you are lazy and or neglecting what you

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Have been assigned to be doing, I said. Because I also have little knowledge about this

Analysis, that was how I started helping him with some of the analysis with time and he was

Very happy with this. Then I told him that I also want to know how to be using some new

Applications, because I have little idea about the process. He told me that he will teach

Me how to use the applications I have asked for. Through this we become very close. Then

One day, we deviated from the normal course of discussion and this I have been looking

Forward to since the very day that I have developed interactions with him. We started

Talking about life, generally, and had to abandon all that we were doing that day to get very

Personal in our discussion. That was how I got to know some of the things he has passed

Through in the hands of some ladies he has gotten acquainted with. Because of what he

Has passed through, he has summed up within him that he does not want to be romantically

Involved with any one again, for after all life is not all about marriage what matters in the

World is making positive impacts in the lives of people touching lives and if this could be

Done, people will keep remembering the person even when the person has been long gone the

Way of the whole earth he says. It has wearied him answering and seeking for ladies, for he

Has been disappointed a lot he concluded. I do not have anything to say, because I have

Not experience love before, my parents do not allow for this, and I have been strictly indoor

Lady all my life, no serious social life, except some common ones. Though I used to watch

Movies, but love relationship watched in movie is different from what is obtained

In Reality. Thus, what I can only tell him was that he should not conclude like that, for

Someone he still needs to believe that something great can still happen to him, his love life.


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