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Why I Married Him #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


I have been noticing him for a while in the establishment, for we work in the same

Establishment, and I have discovered that something is missing in his life, but I cannot point

To the missing thing in his life. I cannot get the missing link in his life because I do not keep

Many friends. Though he always look cheerful, active, but on a deeper look into his life, I

Know that something is missing from the ladies vantage view. Since I cannot pinpoint the

Missing thing in his life because I am not his friend, I need someone to get me close to that,

Or tell me what the missing link really is in his life, but because I am the type that hardly

Socializes, I cannot dabble into that for people will ask me several questions to why I want to

Know such things about his life which I may not be able to answer effectively. Since I have

Discovered that I needed someone to do this, how do I get the person without suspicions? I

Cannot readily answer this by myself. I only have a close friend in the establishment, but the

Friend I have, in the establishment is like me in socialization, in fact I know I am better than

Her, for she hardly interacts with anyone, while I still talk with few people within the

Establishment and neighborhood, she neither talks nor interacts with anyone within the

Establishment yea her neighborhood, for she used to say, that is how she has been brought

Up, her parents have no friends, and they have strongly warned them against having

Friends because having friends, is having troubles, when you do not have friends, your

Troubles would be limited she has said her parents have told them that when raising them up.

Thence, they have also been keeping to themselves, no friendship with anyone within the

Neighborhood, they just go about their businesses, doing the normal thing and return to their

Abode. What one has been growing with one cannot change from overnight, this she brought

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Into to the establishment, as she finds it extremely hard to talk and associate with others

Within the establishment. I would not have been friends with her too, but because the

Management has paired us together to oversee a project outside the town, we started talking

During the preparation period. As if that was not enough when we got to the island where

We shall execute the project, the person who has led us to the island paired us up in the same

Room within the hotel that we are staying because we are the only ladies who have been

Assigned with the team to monitor the project. We stayed in that island for 25 days,

Because the work we have been sent to do lasted 21 working days, while the rest days we

Used in preparation among other things within the island. It is during this period that we start

Interacting with each other and that was how we have become friends and closest of

Friends within the establishment and even the island. For we discover that we have the same

Ideology and have been brought up in the same way by our parents. Having been friends for a

While, I have studied her and have known that her social life is low compared to mine’.

Thus, asking of him about what she notices about the young man would be a sheer waste of

Time, energy among other things for even before confronting her, I have known what the

Answers would be. Therefore, I started thinking of how to get close to him and know

Something about him, knowing what has really cause the lacuna in his life, what is the

Missing link in his life? It has been a while that I have been thinking of how to get close to Him, until I discovered the opening to get closer to him.


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