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Why I MUST Write

This is the why and the how...of when and what I is often (more often than not) the result of restlessness or Pain


Coming through

some hurtful bit of unexpected,uninvited pain,

only that allows me to ever write again

knowing the eventual

expectedness of joy

just as essentially silence

it seems to grow from noise,

and the shaking of the common ground

lends to the element of poise;

emotions caught on paper

so loyal to stay put,

do more to exhaust the tension

than counsel ever could

Like Winter dies for Summer;

thus, is inspiration born-

just like burgeoning seasons,

my hollowed out existence

allow the words be formed...

praying that my raving

May bring the remembrance

of my name;

Not to hope the elusiveness of fortune

or the costliness of fame

But instead hoping that somehow,

at some point,

I just MAY

be heard...

THAT is the power

(I think)

of the weaving of these words

What inspires you?

© 2020 Laurinzoscott

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