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Why Don't You Like Me

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I Thought We Were Friends

I admit I haven't been the nicest to you lately

There were times when friends called and I left you hanging

It wasn't right

Then other times family comes over I shut you out

I didn't know what to say

I didn't know what to do

I was scared

I know you don't show emotion like me

If you are scared you never let me know

Over the years I have enjoyed our time to together so much

I want you to know and I will tell other people I know

You are a big part of my life

I couldn't have come this far without you

You make me laugh,smile and sometimes get me so mad

It is times like this I feel we should of talked it out

Instead of me walking away and storming off

Saying things I know you can hear

Letting you get all bottled up inside

That one day you will explode

It is not fair to you

But I didn't know any other way till now

Then it dawned on me

Talk it out

Even if the problem isn't entirely resolved

It may be better

I can remember when I didn't know you

Life was so much different

I would wake up and go on with my day

Doing everything I could possibly do

Then technology changed

My life changed

You were not just at someone else's house

You were at mine

We developed a long relationship

That started off slow

Then instead of seeing each other a few minutes each day

It became hours

Not just on my days off or weekends

But every day and all times of the day

There were times we needed a vacation from each other

That seemed o.k. to both of us

So for four weeks a year we would go our separate ways

I would usually travel

You preferred to stay at home and sleep

But we got along

Then when we seen each other again

It was like we couldn't keep our eyes off each other

I would wake up early

You would be up late

There was no time that wasn't good for us

Until recently I feel disconnected

I want to be close and you won't let me in

If it is something I did ?

Please let me know

Type it out in bold letters if you don't want to tell me

No matter what I do

You don't want to make it work

I say sweet things to you

Please, please just this once

What I really mean is right now

I need you more than ever

I log on to the computer

Then you get all cold

You are not trying

I can't get to the sights we have always been

A blank screen comes up time and time again

Please lets try to do it over

You are my computer

You might be seven years old

I don't want to buy another one

The new computers do a lot more

With ten times the speed

I am happy what we have always had

Can't we go back to the way it was ?

I don't need fancy and expensive

I need something I can trust and yes always reliable

You know all my secrets

I have told nobody else

I know you show your age

It doesn't matter

I have a lot more wrinkles and aches too

See we have both aged gracefully over time

We are made for each other

I will log on again

This time you are slower than before

I think you may be under the weather

A virus got you down

I am not going to lose my temper

I will come back later when you are feeling better

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