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Why Do You Doubt Yourself?


This is for U...

Why do you doubt your self?

Is it because of your crooked teeth?
Is it because of your awkward smile?
Is it because you always speak what's on your mind then regret everything you've said?
Do you doubt yourself because you feel so young but old enough to know $#!£?
Is it because you once felt rejection and it caused you so much, you almost hated the word trust?
Is it because you envy people sorrounded by clouds of love and you are thinking that maybe you are not worthy?
Is it because you are afraid to throw away your masks that underneath people will see your so soft heart and this thought scares you so much?
Do you doubt yourself because you don't feel like you are enough?
Is it because when everything was said and done you always find yourself regretting?
Is it because you are not confident enough to go beyond your reach that you always hold yourself back?
Is it because you can't fathom what lies ahead and it terrifies you that much?
Do you have nightmares at night?
Do you overthink and overanalyze?
Do you listen to your sighs?

Don't doubt yourself.
Don't ever think about that.
Because you are enough.
You will rock.

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